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More On Daniel Bryan's Injury That Could Be Career-Threatening

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There has been some talk within WWE about comments Bret Hart made during an interview with Sports Illustrated’s “Extra Mustard” blog. We first highlighted the comments at this link, where Hart proclaimed that Daniel Bryan is finished.

Hart went on to explain Bryan’s injury is similar to his career-ending injury when Bill Goldberg kicked him in the head and felt Bryan may have pushed it a little too hard [after returning in January]. The interesting thing about the comments is little was known about what had sidelined Bryan again this year and whether or not it was the nerve issue that caused him to miss the majority of last year or something new.

A source specifically told in April that Bryan’s travel reservation home to the United States from WWE’s European tour stated “head injury” -- in comments that were attributed to WWE executive Mark Carrano -- but we were never able to confirm that with anyone in the company.

Given Hart’s comments and the fact WWE has been vague about the the injury, it definitely looks like Bryan has been dealing with a head injury. That's not to say there haven't been complications with other issues, however, there is more clarification regarding what took him out again this spring. Bryan was scheduled to see a specialist some time this week.

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