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My Favorite Is WrestleMania 28...

WrestleMania 28 is hands down one of the best PPV's I've ever watched. It featured matches such as an 18 second match between Sheamus and Daniel Bryan for the Heavyweight Championship. Another match included Triple H vs. Undertaker with Shawn Michaels as guest referee, with the legendary streak on the line. The main event was one of the greatest main events in WrestleMania history, at least in my opinion. The most electrifying man in sports entertainment, The Rock, versus Mr. Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect, John Cena. This match was remade the following year when these two men faced off as Cena hoped to claim the WWE Championship from The Rock at WM 29.

The first match to kick the show off was Sheamus versus Daniel Bryan. Sheamus Brogue-Kicked Bryan 18 seconds into the title match after Bryan had turned his back on the Celtic Warrior to kiss his girlfriend at the time, AJ Lee. Sheamus successfully defeated the champion in one of the shortest matches in WrestleMania history. This was a good start to the show, as it hyped the fans. I personally liked it, as I don't believe every match in WrestleMania has to be good, as long as it has a storyline of some sort to it.

Kane versus Orton was up next. These two men are most likely going to be in the Hall of Fame, due to their remarkable in-ring work. Orton with his athleticism and strength, and Kane with his strength and aggression. They both have had plenty of history in the ring against many greats. They battle back and forth, until Orton sets Kane up onto the second turnbuckle. He climbs up alongside Kane, but The Devil's Favorite Demon counters, Choke Slamming Orton down onto the canvas. He then covers for the one, two, three. I liked the ending, because it was a really cool Chokeslam in my opinion.

Next, Cody Rhodes versus Big Show for Cody's Intercontinental Championship. Big Show has had much more history in the ring, but Cody has definitely proven himself in such little time. As Michael noted, Cody held the title for 233 days, which is one of the longest title reigns ever. Big Show takes control of the match until Cody can counter and find a pocket to fight back in. Show counters and Spears Cody in midair before Rhodes could execute the Disaster Kick. He then connects the K.O. Punch for the win. Personally, I didn't like this match as much, it was definitely one of my least favorites of the year. This was because of Big Show's control over 90% of the match. It was a fairly good ending however.

This match was already an excellent thought in my opinion: Team Johnny versus Team Teddy. Team Teddy consisted of The Great Khali, Kofi Kingston, Booker T, R-Truth, Santino Marella, and Zack Ryder, with Hornswoggle as the flag-holder. Team Johnny consisted of Mark Henry, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, David Otunga, Jack Swagger, and Drew McIntyre, with Vickie Guerrero as the flag-holder. The match is almost dead-even, as both teams battle it out. Halfway into the match, Hornswoggle attempts to jump off the top rope to take out all of the competitors of Team Johnny outside of the ring. Henry catches him and tosses Hornswoggle aside, right before Kingston, Ryder, and Truth flip over the top rope, taking everyone out. I personally loved that part. I liked the dangerous, high-flying intensity that I believe we should see more. Ziggler is one of those men that uses those high-flying chances to his advantage, and yet he isn't pushed. I'll leave that one up to Vince to figure out. Ryder is sent right into Ziggler after The Miz countered, taking Dolph out of the ring. Zack sets up for the "Woo Woo Woo", and his girlfriend steps into the ring to chant with him. The ref attempts to get her out of the ring, and Ryder stops to check on his girlfriend and the ref. Miz rolls Ryder up for the one, two, three and Laurinaitis is into the ring to celebrate the victory, along with the rest of Team Johnny. They exit the ring and celebrate up the ramp, as Team Teddy is into the ring to check on Ryder. Zack's lover checks on him, before kicking him in the sensitivity zone, as Byron calls it (PG Rated). She exits the ring as well and strolls up and out of the entrance stage.

A backstage segment, shortly after the win of Team Johnny and the humiliation of Zack Ryder, shows CM Punk warming up his wrists before his match next. All members of Team Johnny celebrate as John lets them go ahead, stopping next to Punk. He gloats about his victory just previously. Laurinaitis reminds Punk to not lose his temper, and just to ensure that, John sets up a stipulation to where, if Punk were to be Disqualified, he would lose his title. John struts off smirking as Punk looks enraged. I personally liked the stipulation. It added a certain "flavor" to the match to make it more interesting, and see the true inside of both competitors.

Shortly after the backstage segment, was a match between two wrestlers that were once at the very top of the roster, and still were in some eyes, Chris Jericho and CM Punk. These two wrestlers carry along with them two of the best submissions in history. Back and forth these competitors battled, and Jericho takes many jabs at Punk's personal life, as he had done a few weeks prior as well. Punk pulls out a chair, and is about to hit Jericho with it. After thinking about it for quite some time, he throws the chair down and continues the match. Later into the match, Jericho gets to the top rope, before Punk counters it, standing up beside him. He goes to Hurricanrana Jericho off the top rope, but Jericho catches him, walks to the middle of the ring still holding CM Punk in a mid-Hurricanrana, and locks in the Walls of Jericho. Punk later counters, applying the Anaconda Vise to where Jericho can't hurt him. Jericho is forced to submit, resulting in Punk winning. I liked the match, and the storyline that carried on with it. It was a great performance by both competitors.

That was followed by, in my opinion, one of the greatest Undertaker-streak matches at WrestleMania. Undertaker versus The Game, Triple H, with his DX partner, Shawn Michaels as special guest referee in a Hell in a Cell match. It was back and forth between these two, and surprisingly, Michaels was mainly calling it down the middle. Until, Undertaker lifts Triple H onto one shoulder, appearing to be going for the Tombstone Pile Driver. Then, getting off his shoulders, Triple H pushes Taker right into the Sweet Chin Music. That is followed by a Pedigree, and yet, Undertaker still kicks out at two. Shawn looks like he had just killed an innocent man, laying against a turnbuckle with his hands to his face. The match ends when Triple H won't give up, continually taunting Undertaker, and he sends him straight to hell with a Tombstone Pile Driver. I think what was pretty cool about the match was when Undertaker and Michaels helped Triple H up and carried him up the ramp. It showed Taker's respect towards Triple H and him as a competitor. This is one of my three favorite matches of all time, without a doubt.

To end the night, was a brilliant "Once in a Lifetime" match. John Cena versus The Rock. These two men had no respect for each other inside and outside of the ring. There were many finishers delt in the match. Cena shows even littler respect (Which, I don't know how you could give littler respect than he had already done), when he attempts the People's Elbow. I say attempt, because he never executed it. The Rock reversed and later, ended the match with a Rock Bottom. It was an epic match and showed the skills from each competitor that had already been well-proven. I love both these wrestlers and are two of my favorites.

This WrestleMania was great, and I personally loved it. Almost all of my favorite wrestlers in one night; The Night of Nights, WrestleMania. Every match was great, and although I didn't go into detail with the Diva's match, I liked it. It was Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos vs. Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres. These were all awesome matches. My favorite had to be Triple H vs. Undertaker. Two of the greatest icons stepping into a cell. It was back and forth between these two, and even in the end, HHH never game up. I liked the respect shown by Undertaker, and also how Shawn Michaels was in the match as a referee, even years after his last match. It was easily my favorite WrestleMania and I have many facts to support why.

I'd personally love to hear which match was your favorite from the 28th WrestleMania and why. Also list which WrestleMania was your favorite and why. Thanks for listening and may this WrestleMania be just as good!

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