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Naitch & Mr. Ziggles

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A number of us at WNW (and the sister sites) have said for a number years that Ziggler could get the push he deserves if backed and managed by Flair. Now, I'm not a Flair fan, haven't been most of my life or his career (they started almost exactly the same time, the same year), but these two are a natural pairing.

Ziggler could get so much by working with Flair, and Flair could get the love he so obviously needs from the fans by being ringside on televised show. I know Flair with a live mic, and even relying upon Flair to make it to the ring sober is a huge worry every time he's on WWE TV, but maybe putting Ziggler in charge of making sure Flair gets to the ring could create a symbiotic relationship that could be good for both of them. Flair would be able to work in front of the fans clean, and Ziggler would get a world of experience from one of the top guys in the industry. Tony Atlas rode with Mark Henry and was his manager when Henry was chubbing up. Atlas is a great nutritionist, and he helped keep Henry away from the Ding Dongs (though I know Atlas likes to sneak into Arby's when he wants to splurge when at home). That was a great relationship for both of them, and this could be a great relationship for Flair and Ziggler.

For years fans have been talking about how similar Ziggler is to Flair. Ziggler is an over-the-top wrestler with white blond hair and a mouthy streak that gets him into trouble. Who does that remind you of? Ziggler's ring work is great, he has a great look, and oozes charisma. The fans love Ziggler, no matter what he's doing, even when heel, and want to see him succeed in a main event, carrying gold. Having Flair manager Ziggler could bring Ziggler to that next level, all while he's learning so much from The Nature Boy.

Flair's already stated that he would like to manage Ziggler, so I think the only real question is whether they'd be heels or faces. Flair hasn't been on WWE TV regularly, and when we have seen him, he's been more of a face – siding with The Shield, and ringside with his daughter in NXT. Even though Charlotte is a heel, the way Flair cheered her on, then the love shown all around inside the ring after the match, Flair has come across as a true face. Returning Superstars are usually naturally faces, but that doesn't mean they have to stay that way - Batista proved that! Ziggler is a face right now, and so over with the fans who want to see him succeed, it's a natural for them to start that way, but I think they absolutely need to turn heel to really get as far as they could get together. From there, the sky's the limit.

Some people think that matching Flair with Ziggler would be a bad move, that Flair would try to hog the spotlight, try to be the center of attention in all they do. Some say that this would hurt Ziggler more than help him because he'd be lost behind all of Flair's antics. I completely disagree. A manager is supposed to be in the spotlight; supposed to be a focal point, though not the only focal point. No one has been saying that Heyman shouldn't be Cesaro's manager because he takes so much of the spotlight when they're on TV, it's all part of the way things work with a manager. Even Vickie took a lot of the spotlight when she was running with Edge, and he's more than capable of keeping the fans captivated. Vickie was almost the only spotlight when she managed Ziggler, but Ziggler is older, wiser, and has proven himself as a force to be reckoned with, when he's actually allowed to show off.

Flair isn't as young as he used to be, and really shouldn't be taking the bumps from working full matches, but as a manager he'd get the best of both worlds. Flair could be ringside, be the dirtiest player in the game, teach Ziggler all of his little tricks, help Ziggler climb the ladder and really become the Superstar he should already be, and take a bump now and then. Flair is one of the most recognizable wrestlers there is, even with his aging body and growing bald spot, the man is someone who is always over, and will always get the fan reaction, so why not use it while he still can? I think this is a match made in heaven, and a great thing for all involved.

Queen of WNW

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