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NGW Collision Course 2015 Review


Last night I had the privilege to attend the latest show from UK based company New Generation Wrestling, who are based in Hull, where they staged their latest show called Collision Course. For anyone who isn't familiar with the New Generation Wrestling product they are a family friendly based product and one of the most successful companies on the independent UK wrestling scene. I had the opportunity before the show to interview one of the stars of NGW, 'The Amazing' Matt Myers which is an interview that will be coming out tomorrow where you can hear us talking about all kinds of subjects including Matt's career so far, WWE, NXT, NGW, super heroes, killer ducks and so much more. It was a great start to the day for me and I look forward to you all hearing our conversation. The atmosphere before the show was electric and everyone in the crowd seemed really ready for the nights action. As always the show was either close to or was entirely sold out and everyone expected a big night of action to go down.


The opening match of the night funnily enough was Matt Myers, Ashton Smith, and Robbie X facing off in a triple threat Gen-X League qualifying match. For those not familiar with the product the Gen-X League is a light heavyweight type division, similar to TNA's X Division. The three men tore the house down and got the crowd off their seats with an entertaining opening contest. There was a scary moment where Matt Myers attempted a suicide dive through the ropes to the outside of the ring onto Robbie X and Ashton Smith, but as he went through the ropes he got his wrist caught in between the top and middle rope, causing him a slight injury but the good news is he was okay. This wouldn't be the last time we saw Myers before the night would end either. The match itself ended in a ten minute time limit draw, with Robbie X and Matt Myers wanting to continue. Sadly both tasted a super kick from Ashton Smith, who would then leave and leave the crowd unsure what this means going forward for the Gen-X League and these three men's involvement.

The second match of the night saw one of the most popular stars in NGW, and former Podcast Corner guest Liam Slater take on 'The Righteous' Joseph Conners. I enjoyed doing the Vengadance along with the rest of the crowd as Liam came to the ring but sadly it wouldn't be his night after his former best friend Dan James, who walked out on Slater in a tag team match last month took advantage of a distraction to attack Liam that would allow Conners to get the win. After the match Dan James joined Conners and became a member of his Righteous Army. Without doubt Conners is one of the most underrated talents on the British Wrestling scene and he is someone who I would love to interview in the near future. This one was followed by a tag team match between former NGW Tag Team Champions Stixx and Colossus Kennedy against the team of Sam Wilder and Caz Crash, The Proven. The stakes in this one were high as the winner would go on to challenge the current Tag Team Champions, the London Riots who defeated Stixx and Colossus to win the belts. This was a fun match to watch with the team of Stixx and Colossus picking up a huge win, despite the best efforts of the Proven to steal a victory.


Up next was a match for the ages as two huge names of the British wrestling scene as 'The Wonderkid' Jonny Storm faced his arch nemesis 'The Phoenix' Jody Fleisch. These two have had some legendary matches over the years and their match here certainly added to the legacy they have built. It was a match full of flippy moves and reversals, which I have no problem with, but I kind of felt personally the crowd wasn't into the match as these two would have hoped. Not taking away from that contest though as these two wore it down and left everything they had in the ring. Following this we were treated to the NGW debut of Insane Championship Wrestling star 'Local Hero' Joe Hendry, who gave us a brief concert singing about himself before he would compete in a match against another NGW debutant in Ace Matthews. The match was a fun watch and saw Joe Hendry pick up a win which I hope certainly won't be his last in the company.

A war between two former best friends was up next as Dara Diablo and El Ligero met in the biggest grudge match in NGW history. These two told a great story which showed Diablo as a changed man who was willing to do anything to take out his former friend, while Ligero struggled with his conscience to take advantage of his former friend when he had the chance to nail Diablo with a steel chair. That move would come back to haunt Ligero as Diablo would unmask the Mexican sensation, allowing him to hit a roll up pin and shock the crowd. The main event of the night would then see Liverpool's Zack Gibson challenge another former Podcast Corner guest, the NGW Champion 'The Showstealer' Nathan Cruz in what many saw as a rubber match for the two as their previous encounters saw a double pin finish and a time limit draw. So this match had high stakes. This was probably my match of the night as these two told a story of how both men wanted to prove who was the best. Sadly it ended initially in a double count out, prompting Cruz to get on the microphone and try to push Gibson to go into overtime. It looked like Gibson was going to walk away again but Cruz did enough to push his buttons and prompted the match to restart. Richie West and The Proven would return to ringside to try to end Cruz's run as NGW Champion but Matt Myers would run out to save his best friend, allowing Cruz to go on and pick up a huge win and remain NGW Champion.

The emotion of the night wasn't over though as during the night the fans had the opportunity to vote for Nathan Cruz's championship challenger at the next big show in December. We found out at the end that Nathan Cruz would defend his title against his best friend Matt Myers. These two will no doubt tear the house down and I hope to be in attendance at the show on 22nd December. Overall I would say this was another great show from NGW and the fans certainly left the Hull City Hall very happy and wanting more.

If you want to check out more information about NGW then please check out their website. And make sure you check out British Wrestling Weekly online, where you can catch all the latest NGW action as well as past NGW shows and a wealth of other great content including documentaries on British Wrestling and some great, exclusive interviews.

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