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No Doubt Roman Is Now Ready To Reign

Roman Reigns delivered yet another fantastic performance on this week's Raw and surely now only the most blindly devoted Daniel Bryan fan is still protesting his main event status.

Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar

It was a mixed night for Reigns as he suffered defeat in the show's main event, but the Royal Rumble winner was victorious in gaining the approval of the Newark crowd which he will see as being far more valuable.

Reigns had initially been greeted with his now usual mixed reaction from the crowd earlier in the night, with plenty of booing that was audible on the broadcast. However after delivering the moment of the night with a show-stopping spear to an airborne Seth Rollins, he stood in the centre of the ring drinking in the kind of applause he was on the receiving end of before his injury late last year.

Within seconds of a Randy Orton assisted defeat, Reigns had wiped out The Authority with a death defying leap over the top rope before hitting Big Show and Kane with huge spears and it was almost like Rollins' cheap victory hadn't happened just moments earlier.

The case Roman of Reigns is a curious one, in his final days as a member of The Shield and his start in singles competition he was massively over. Look at the reception he was receiving last year at Payback or SummerSlam. He seemed destined for great things and the fans were fully behind it.

But audiences in 2015 are very different than those in years gone by. Triple H and Steve Austin recently declared Kayfabe dead and here is a perfect example. Certain sections of the "WWE Universe", having identified Reigns was getting "a push" from the writers and then resented him for it. Some feeling he hadn't "paid his dues", others stating that "he isn't ready".

The embarrassment that was the closing scenes at Royal Rumble seems a distant memory now as the second-generation star has worked hard in the weeks since to justify his status. No doubt there have been others that have contributed, the always dependable Paul Heyman has made his admiration for Reigns clear in more than one of his formidable promos (enough of a stamp of approval in itself for some) and Daniel Bryan gave a phenomenal promo of his own last week that even Heyman would have been envious of.

But it cannot be denied that Reigns has proved the doubters wrong with his performance at Fast Lane and again last night on Raw. At Fast Lane he appeared to recapture some of the aggressiveness that made his name in the Shield and that has been missing since his return from hernia surgery. The WWE tried desperately to make him more likeable pre-Rumble but a return to his cold, destroyer origins seems to have worked better in winning the fans seal of approval. Many have said that it was the match of the night and it is difficult to argue.

The finish last night on Raw continued that momentum and as long as WWE creative don't drop the ball in the next couple of weeks he is now ready to take the crown from "The Beast Incarnate" in his final appearance in WWE. I do still think an end of the night "Money In The Bank" cash-in from Seth Rollins will be the best way to end WrestleMania and set up the title feud for the next few months but nobody now can say that Reigns doesn't deserve his chance.

Roman isn't getting of completely criticism free here though, one thing I will say it that he desperately needs to change that ring entrance!

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