Now It's Time To Appreciate Cena

Sunday at Summerslam saw one of the most brutal and uncomfortable main events I can ever remember watching as a wrestling fan when John Cena was completely dominated by Brock Lesnar. I don't even quite think dominated is a strong enough word because it felt more like a massacre. After the show had gone off the air it was reported fans were chanting "thank you Brock" and "nar nar nar nar hey hey goodbye" as Cena sold the beating and had to be helped to the back. This is where I begin to have a problem with some fans as that really wasn't needed considering what Cena just put himself through for your entertainment and I find it disturbing there is actually a minority out there who wanted to see Cena legitimately get hurt by Brock, which absolutely disgusted me and was the trigger for this article.

When you look back at what happened on Sunday you need to really think about the sacrifice Cena gave to us as fans to go through that punishment and the sacrifice he made when he gave of his body to Brock to make him look like an animal. Make no mistake about it John Cena could have legitimately been hurt in all this with the brutality he would have endured from Lesnar, especially when if you watch the match back there were time some of the those German Suplexes looked nasty when Cena practically landed on his neck. Had Cena legitimately been injured, and we don't know if he has and we may not ever know then would that really genuinely make people feel good because they think it's cool to bash Cena because he "can't wrestle". I'm not saying everyone has to like the guy but no one knows if he was truly injured apart from Cena and to hear fans chanting at him just makes me sick.

The fact people were even chanting at Cena in pure delight that he had been destroyed feels like blatant disrespect by fans towards a man who gives almost everything for the company whether you like him or not. There is no denying John Cena is a work horse for WWE and I would be hard pressed to think of any celebrity past or present who gives as much dedication to doing his job and making other personal sacrifices outside of his job like Cena. No one would have chanted things at greats like Triple H, Undertaker, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, or lets even say Edge who had to end his career through no choice of his own due to injury if they were getting that kind of beating. I would be hard pushed to think of anyone in the world of sports or entertainment who would have been able to even take the beating Cena did because you can guarantee he was hurting after that match.

Lesnar was booked to be a monster coming out of the match and that's how it had to be and nothing else would do for a man who did the unthinkable and ended the Undertaker's undefeated Wrestlemania streak. There was no 'super Cena', no 'five moves of doom', nothing really at all from Cena who had little to no offence throughout the whole match. John took a real ass kicking for the first time in his career that I can remember and I think that while fans like to moan that he can't wrestle and only uses the same moves over and over most were probably expecting him to suddenly hit all his signature moves so it came as a surprise to everyone to see someone just own John Cena like he was nothing and him barely hit more than two of them. But thinking back to people's complaint that Cena only ever uses the same moves every match I ask can you name me any wrestler over the last 30 years who has been on top that hasn't followed the same style as Cena in using the same move set match after match? Cause if you can I'd be impressed. This argument has no weight to it and neither does the fact that Cena can't wrestle because he has some of the best matches of anyone on the roster week after week.

Cena knows how to work and Cena knows how to sell to make any match he is in look like he is taking a convincing beating and I think it's about time we as fans gave him a break and showed him the respect he deserves. I realise to some it still seems to be cool to hate on Cena and people seem to hate the fact he is the face of the company. There will always be that one guy who as the face of the company is going to be pushed in our faces but if they give as much to the company as Cena then I think that after all the years of sacrifice he has given Cena deserves respect from us. For some reason I can still imagine that when he enters the WWE Hall of Fame people are still going to be slating the guy. I'm sure it doesn't bother John as he will always have his critics but like everything I think people are probably only ever going to start appreciating just what a top talent Cena is when he has retired from in ring competition.

In my mind after the brutal beating that Cena took on Sunday if you can't appreciate the sacrifice of Cena then you clearly don't appreciate the art of wrestling, the art of telling a story, and the sacrifice that these guys give day in day out for your entertainment and you should probably stick to watching UFC where the outcome isn't predetermined and you see a legitimate fight. If people really want to see someone get hurt then UFC is your option. And if you were one of the people who watched Summerslam just to see if Cena got hurt then you should really reconsider your viewing options and outlook on life. Cena really showed what a soldier he is on Sunday and how dedicated to the company is by giving his body to Brock to sell what a monster he is. I hope people will start to appreciate Cena sooner rather than later before it's too late to appreciate him while he is still in his prime.

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