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NXT Results (11/20/14) - If I Can't Beat You, I'm Done

WWE NXT Results - November 20th, 2014

From Fail Sail University in Winter Park, FL

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NXT starts with a recap:

We start with a recap showing Sami Zayn’s promo from last week along with black and white images of each of Zayn’s wins over Tyson Kidd, Titus O’Neil, and Tyler Breeze. We transition into a sizzle reel of all of the really big spots in the championship match between Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville, including the missed Red Arrow where Neville looked to injure his knee followed by Zayn being lured into the roll-up by Neville. As a dejected Zayn is Shown, Neville’s words from a month ago echo in. “We all know you can’t win the big one.”

Opening Bout:

Bayley vs. Becky Lynch w/ Sasha Banks

We have Renee Young, Alex Riley, and Rich Brennan on commentary this week. Lock up and Bayley with shoulders to Lynch’s midsection. Loud “Bayley’s going to hug you” chants. Irish whip by Bayley reversed by Lynch, but Bayley gets the elbow up as Lynch charges the corner. Bayley to the middle rope and flies into an armdrag that sends Lynch into the opposite corner. Bayley charges but gets tossed over the top and gets slammed into the mat by the hair by Lynch. Lynch brings Bayley back in and connects with a nice suplex. A stomp, legdrop, and elbow drop by Lynch followed by a pin for two. Triangle wing hold by Lynch. Bayley stands through it and gets a rollup for one. Bayley throws Lynch down by the hair, followed by repeated knockdowns. Lynch into the corner, where Bayley gives her a shoulder block to the midsection, followed by a running back elbow! Bayley with a suplex and cover for two. Bayley to the second rope, and Lynch notices and flees to the outside as Bayley comes off. Bayley goes to bring Lynch back in and gets distracted by Sasha Banks, which allows Lynch to drop down on Bayley, roll in and roll her up, and use the tights to get the win.

Winner: Becky Lynch

After the match, Banks and Lynch continue to gloat over their win, and Charlotte comes out to end the bullying of Bayley.

A promo video for Survivor Series airs, which you can see for free on the WWE Network.

After the video, we are backstage where Charlotte is removing her boots. Bayley approaches her.

Bayley - Hey Charlotte.

Charlotte - Hey Bayley.

Bayley - Uh, I just wanted to thank you for helping me out tonight.

Charlotte - That’s fine, but listen. I’m not going to be here next week. Sasha was my best friend. She’s a bully, she’s not going to stop. (Bayley looks down)

Charlotte - No, look me in the face. Don’t go near her, don’t ask for a match. Just stay away. (Bayley looks up a bit more confident)

Bayley - (Sheepishly) Thank you.

Bayley then gives her the most awkward hug I have ever seen.

The Vaudevillians vs. Mini Lucha Dragons

The Vaudevillians out to their black and white entrance. As the sepia fades, Aiden English takes a mic.

English - You all know, we are gentlemen. We are genteel, kind, and above all, patient. (Gotch shouts “That’s right!” at this) But we also believe that when you have earned something, like we have as number one contenders, that we deserve to have it NOW!

Lucha Dragons’ music hits, but it isn’t they Dragons, but mini versions! (That appear to have raided Edge and Christian’s masks from being Los Conquistadores) English motions towards the back, and a ref comes out.

Mini Dragons try to flee as the bell rings, and Simon Gotch gets ahold of one of them. Gotch starts on his knees and lifts Mini 1 into a suplex, then stands with him.Gotch starts walking the ring and does a squat before an airplane spin and a tag and transfer of Mini 1 to Aiden English. English repeats the process and tags back in Gotch and transfers Mini 1 back to him. Gotch brings him back to the front and gives him a body slam. Gotch allows Mini 1 to tag in Mini 2. Gotch immediately horse collars Mini 2 and tags in English. English hits Mini 2 with a neckbreaker, followed by a pin for 3.

Winners: The Vaudevillians

We get a promo video for the new Macho Man DVD, which is availible now.

After the break, we get a video of just a man on a bench, fading in and out, with the following said.

I will fight anyone, and everyone. Bet against me if you want. But it is my turn now. I am the future.

As the last line is said, the images finally focus into Kevin Steen, followed by a placard with the date 12/11/14 on it.

Baron Corbin vs. Elais Samson

The bell rings, and the crowd immediately starts counting up to time how long the next slaughter will be. Samson tries to rush with a kick and gets a big punch to the mouth for his troubles at the crowd’s 11 count. Corbin picks Samson up, and drops him with the End of Days at 22.

Winner: Baron Corbin

Barely any time after the match has concluded and Corbin is getting up the ramp, and out comes Bull Dempsey.

Bull Dempsey vs. Steve Cutler

Bull looking quite ticked off about following a Corbin sqaush. Bull with hammering blows and knees after knocking Cutler to the mat. Crowd loudly booing and shouting “Baron’s better” after Bull goes over the count. Cutler gets a smattering of right hands before Bull smashes him into the mat and hits a flying headbutt.

Winner: Bull Dempsey

We get a promo video for WWE2K15 on Xbox One and PS4.

As we come back from that, the commentary team introduces themselves and hypes up Sami Zayn’s reaction to his loss last week. We then transition to Tyson Kidd coming out for a match.

Tyson Kidd vs. CJ Parker

CJ with a sign that says that 73% of your trash can be recycled, and then plugging his Twitter handle. Bell rings and they act like they are going to lock up, but Kidd ducks outside of the ropes. Lockup, and Parker gets a wristlock. Kidd to the ropes and reverses it. Break, and as they lock back up, Parker with a kick to the gut. Elbow and Irish whip by Parker, and Kidd counters with a series of kicks. As Kidd continues on, Parker hits an axe-like kick for a one count.Parker with Kidd into the corner, raining blows. Parker is backed off by the ref. Parker rams Kidd into another turnbuckle and gives him a hard Irish Whip to the corner for a one count. Parker with another Irish Whip, but misses a charge. Kidd with a rope aided backflip kick, followed by a dragon screw with Parker’s leg caught in the ropes! Kidd back in, and hits with a fisherman hook neckbreaker! he locks in the Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring, and Parker almost reaches the ropes, but is pulled back into the middle of the ring and is forced to tap.

Winner: Tyson Kidd

Tyson Kidd gets a mic during the announce team’s recap of the match.

Tyson - As a third generation Hart family member, there’s a lot of responsibility thrust upon me. But my uncle Bret taught me that instead of waiting for a challenge to be issued, to come out here and issue the challenge myself. So Finn Balor, next week, if you have what it takes, I’ll see you in this ring, and you will be excellently executed. FACT!

Enzo Amore and Big Cass are shown backstage, with Enzo boxing into Cass’ hands.

Cass - One-two ‘Zo, one-two. Float like a butterfly sting like a bee. There you go ‘Zo, looking good. (Carmella walks in)

Carmella - You boys ready for your match tonight?

Enzo - Hand speed, can’t teach that!

Cass - Hey Carmella, you been doing good as of late. Congratulations.

Enzo - Yeah, I’m should be congratulated here. I took her to G University, got her a degree, know what I’m saying? (At Carmella) Taught you everything I know!

Carmella - Uh, I’m only here is because you guys put me in this position.

Cass - You guys?

Enzo - I did you a solid.

Carmella - Uh, you got me fired. You guys owed me big time, remember?

Enzo - Carmella, I don’t dwell on what happened in kindergarten, all right? We got things we gotta worry about. We got a match coming up.

Cass - Yeah, let’s go. We got a match.

Promo video for See No Evil 2 airs.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass w/ Carmella vs. Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder

Enzo with a mic as they come down the ramp.

Enzo - My name is Enzo Amore, and I am a certified G and a bona fide stud. And you can’t teach that! This here is Big Cass, and he’s seven foot tall, and you can’t teach that! Bada-boom, realest guys in the room! Now you see, me and Big Cass, we ain’t the Parker Brothers. (“No games” shouts Cass) But we’ll scrabble your headpiece (“How you doin!”), monopolize you, connect four your eyes, and never feel sorry for ya.

Cass - Because that’s life. Pow! And there’s only one word to describe those two cheecharoos that are about to come down and go toe to toe with me and ‘Zo. And I’m gonna spell it out for ya! S-A-W-F-T SAWFT!

Enzo and Dawson lock up, and Enzo gets a headlock, but Dawson quickly overpowers the smaller Enzo thanks to pulling the rat tail. Wilder tags in, and starts stomping Enzo. Dawson in, and after another stomp goes for a pin and gets a two. Dawson with a Irish whip, and Enro hits with a knee lift. Enzo gets a tag to Big Cass, who comes in like a house of fire. Cass throws Wilder to the outside, and knocks Dawson to the mat. Tag to Enzo, and after an Irish whip, Enzo hits an atomic drop while Cass hits a big boot for the 3 count.

Winners: Enzo Amore and Big Cass

After the match, The Ascension blindside Enzo and Cass before hitting the ring and taking out Wilder and Dawson, ending with hitting Wilder with a Fall of Man. The Ascension call for a mic.

Viktor - Hideo Itami, Finn Balor, we’re not dead. But the two of you, very soon, you will be.

Konnor - This is far from over. The Ascension… The Ascension will rise again!

We are sent backstage to GM William Regal’s office.

Regal: Hello Sami.

Zayn: Mr. Regal, I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to go out there and give me a minute to go speak my mind. I, uh, have something I need to get off of my chest and I really appreciate the opportunity, so thanks.

We get a promo video for Larry the Cable Guy on Raw this Monday, as well as a Bully Text game video.

Back from break, Sami Zayn out to the ring, looking very somber. Even his high energy music isn’t giving him anything. Crowd firmly behind Zayn.

Zayn - You know... my entire life, my entire career... I thought, I knew… I knew I had what it took to be a champion. But watching the footage back of last week, that clearly proves otherwise.

Video package that opened NXT.

Zayn - That… That’s not easy to watch. (Loud “you got robbed” chant) That’s not easy to watch. And i don’t know who can relate to that feeling of working your entire life to one moment and watch as that slips through your fingers like that… And I’m telling you that there are not a lot of feelings worse than that. And I didn’t get it. After the match, I didn’t understand why I didn’t have the NXT Championship, but watching that back, I get it. I totally get it. And right now, Adrian Neville, respectfully, I’d like to ask you to come out here, because there’s something I need you to hear.

Neville’s music hits and he is very obviously limping to the ring.

Neville - Sami, Sami, Sami.

Zayn - Hey, no no, wait. Wait. Hear me out. Just give me a minute. Hear me out. If I, If I can’t win the big one, as you said, as lots of other naysayers have said, if I can’t win the big one, if I can’t beat you for that NXT Championship, then i don’t know what I’m doing here. Now you don’t owe me anything. You don’t owe me a rematch for the championship, you don’t owe me anything. But, if our friendship, or whatever’s left of it, means anything to you, you’ll give me one more chance at that NXT Championship. And if I can’t beat you for that NXT Championship, then I am done.

Neville - First of all Sami, first of all, anytime you want a rematch, I would love to give you a rematch. I would love to give you a rematch tonight. But, but unfortunately that’s not my decision. That’s the job of William Regal. But besides that Sami, above all, like you said, I’m your friend. I admire you and I respect you. And you have proven time after time to everybody that you are one of the best in the world. And you have nothing left to prove. You need to pick your chin up, this is not the end…

Zayn - You don’t need to tell me what I need to prove and don’t need to prove! Because the proof is in the pudding and it’s on your shoulder right now! And the fact that you are NXT Champion right now and I am not, you don’t need to tell me what I need to prove because this is my life and I am living it! I’m living it! And If I can’t beat you for that, then I don’t need to be here.

Zayn and Neville start arguing off mic. William Regal’s music hits.

Regal - Firstly gentlemen, Sami Zayn, now look at me! You are far from being a failure! In fact, I think you’ve proven yourself time and time again to be very worthy of an NXT Championship rematch. You were part of NXT ArRIVAL. And now that we’ve taken over the WWE Network, I can’t think of a bigger or better main event than Adrian Neville vs Sami Zayn for the NXT Title. As we continue our evolution of NXT, in fact, that rematch will take place on Thursday, December the 11th, NXT Takeover, Our Evolution.

Neville - Sami, there we have it! There we have it. Our rematch. And it will be a huge rematch. But one thing I am not prepared to do is let you put your career on the line. Sami, we came up together, and you have worked far too hard, and I refuse to be responsible for ending your dream.

Zayn - Hey, I’ll tell you what, you don’t need to feel any burden of responsibility, because whether it’s in that contract or not, if I can’t beat you and become NXT Champion, I am done.

Zayn drops the mic and leaves the ring.

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