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NXT Results (7/17/14) The Realest Guys In The Room Are Back

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WWE NXT Results (7/17/14) From Full Sail University Reported by Gesus Oliver of

The show starts out with Big Cass and Enzo coming to the ring.

Tag Team match with Ezno and Big Cass vs The Vaudevillians.

English and Enzo to start the match. English goes for the lock up but Enzo ducks it. They go for the lockup again and English get's Enzo's arm. Enzo reverses and has English's arm. English reverses back and has Enzo on the matt. English into the ropes and Enzo drop toe holds him. Both men are up and Enzo throwing a few punches. English in the corner Enzo rushes and gets an elbow. English suplexes Enzo and gets reversed Enzo stumbles back and tags in Big Cass. Cass is out and gives English a series of chops. Cass goes for a scoop slam English backs out and stumbles for his tag. Gotch in and gets caught. Cass going for his finisher and Sylvestor Lefort come out to cause the distraction. Gotch with the roll up.

Winner via pinball The Vaudevillains (Time 2:25)

Backstage Segment with Ascension.

Video Package for NXT Divas

CJ Parker vs Xavier Woods

The men lock up.CJ gets Xavier's head and the two chain wrestle in and out of holds. Xavier his the ropes and drop kicks CJ. Goes for the pin only eta two. Xavier picks up CJ and chops him. CJ kicks Xavier in the gut throws him into the ropes and gets suplexed. Xavier splashes CJ in the corner and chops him again. Xavier picks him up whips him gets reversed and clotheslined by the bottom rope. CJ gives Xavier a huge clothesline. CJ mounts Xavier and gives him a series of punches gets up and starts stomping him. CJ gets Xavier in a headlock. Xavier is up and uppercuts CJ then gives him a series of chops. Xavier hits the ropes and gives him a forearm. Xavier goes to splash CJ in the corner up and over the rope then kicks CJ in the face. Xavier is in and DDT's CJ goes for the pin but gets two. Xavier mounts the top rope goes for a cross body and misses. CJ goes for a heel kick and Xavier tries to throw him in the ropes for a roll up. CJ sits down.

CJ wins via pinfall (Time 4:22)

Backstage Segment with Sami Zayn

He talks about seeing the true colors of Tyson Kidd. He wants to embarrass Tyson tonight.

Alexa Bliss vs Sasha Banks

Sasha comes out running and she gets rolled up by Bliss. Sasha tries again and gets in a small package for two. Banks throws Bliss onto the matt repeatedly head first. Sasha whips Alexis into the ropes and gets rolled up for two. Sasha picks up Banks and puts her in the corner on the second rope climbs up the ropes and comes down knee first on Bliss. Banks pins Bliss for two. Banks has Bliss into the headlock. Bliss is up and gives Sasha a few elbows to create separation. Sasha whips Bliss into the corner. Bliss gives Sasha a drop kick. Sasha up and gives Banks a back cracker. Gets her in a submission hold.

Winner Via Submission Sasha Banks (Time 2:25)

Backstage Segment with Tyler Breeze

Talks about how everyone these days rush everywhere. He is in no rush to challenge Neville and it takes time for these things to come together. If everyone is going through Tyler Breeze withdrawals to watch his award winning music video.

Let's all take a break and let his beauty wash off us quick.

Okay, let's get back on track. We come back from commercial with a recap to the ending last week.

Backstage Segment with Tyson Kidd

Kidd feeling like his time wasted with asking about his personal life. They should be talking about defeating Sami and how he is on a roll.

Adam Rose vs Jason Jordan

Match starts with Adam Rose plain with Jordan. They finally lock up and Jordan is backed into the corner. A clean break and Jordan starts pushing Adam Rose. Jordan goes to pick up Rose and Rose jumps in his arms. Rose then takes him and gets a headlock, Rose backs up Jordan in to the corner. Rose gets whipped into the other corner locks up Jordan's head and puts it in his butt. Jordan now angry and starts being down Rose. Rose speared in the corner. Rose suplexes Rose and pins him for two. Jordan gets Rose in a headlock. Rose gets up and slaps Jordan. Then Rose gives Jordan a series of punches. Rose gives Jordan an inverted Atomic Drop and a neck breaker. Rose in the corner gives Jordan a hurricanrana. Puts Jordan in the corner and splashes Jordan on the bottom rope. Adam Rose hits Jordan with the Party Favor.

Winner via Pinfall Adam Rose (Time 3:13)

Backstage Segment with Kalisto

Talking about how close he was to getting the Tag Team Championship. Would prefer to talk about his future victories. Then gets interrupted by Vaudevillians. Match set for next week

Tyson Kidd vs Sami Zayn 

Match starts and Tyson gets in between the ropes. The men circle each other and Tyson rolls out of the ring. The men circle and Tyson getsZayn's back. Sami throws him into the ropes and Tyson slides out under the bottom rope. Tyson is in and Sami hits him with a series of shoulder blocks. Sami goes for the Helluva kick and Tyson goes under the bottom rope. Sami slides out and Tyson hops up on the ring and kicks Sami in the Jaw. Tyson then suxplexes Sami on the ramp.


We are back and Tyson has Sami in a headlock. Sami gets up and backs Tyson into the corner. Tyson reverses puts Sami in the corner and gives him a series of kicks to the gut. Tyson hands Sami upside down in the corner. Kidd then drop kicks Sami to the face. Tyson puts a knee on the throat of Sami utilizes the 5 count. Kidd gives Sami a neck breaker pins him for two. Kidd locks in a headlock. Sami fights back throwing punches. Sami dropkicks Tyson and Kidd rolls out. Sami springboards the second rope and takes out Kidd. Sami rolls Kidd into the ring and climbs the top rope. Sami hits Kidd with the Crossbody pins Tyson for two. Sami chops Tyson goes for a move gets toe dropped to the bottom rope. Kidd leg drops Sami's head on the rope. Tyson charges Sami gets an elbow. Two jockey for position Kidd hits Sami with a German. Kidd pins Sami for two. Tyson to the top rope goes for an elbow drop and gets reversed. Sami hits Kidd with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Sami pins Kidd for two. Sami charges Kidd and gets reversed with a kid. Tyson Kidd on the top rope hits the blockbuster on Sami pins him for two. Kidd is frustrated. Kidd goes for the sharpshooter gets block. Kidd hits the ropes jumps over Sami gets him in the sharpshooter. Sami crawls to the ropes and Kidd pulls him back into the middle of the ring. Sami fighting and gets to the rope. Tyson goes to the top rope jumps and gets reversed. Sami locks in the Koji Clutch.

Winner via submission Sami Zayn (Time 10:51)

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