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NXT "Open Thread" - Streaming Live Results & Discussion

WWE NXT Results (12/04/14)
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL
Reported by Gesus Oliver of

Hey, after a long absence I am back! I apologize for being gone. I thought Jesse did a great job covering NXT and I thank him immensely. Let’s just jump into it shall we?

We start off the show talking about being one week away from their live special

Charlotte makes her way to the ring

Charlotte vs Generic Jobber in a non title match

The women circle each other and then lock up. Charlotte puts her into the corner. Generic jobber fights back but gets cut off with a knee. Charlotte hits a cutter and hits Generic Jobber with a Natural Selection.

Winner via pinfall Charlotte

Post Match

The boss Sasha comes out to the ramp. She says good job to Charlotte and says to hand over the title since she is just going to beat her for it anyway. The crowd lead by Charlotte start chanting ratchet. Sasha says she has more flair in her pinky than Charlotte has in her entire body. After NXT Revolution she will end up a loser like her dad. Bailey comes out and ask why Sasha won’t shut her stupid rachet face up. Sasha starts to beat down Bailey and takes off when Charlotte perseus. Sasha comes back and jumps Charlotte but gets caught. Charlotte brings Sasha to the ring. Rolls Sasha inside and gets distracted by Becky. Sasha lays out Charlotte. Sasha stands over Charlotte with the NXT Divas title.

Vaudevillians silent film style vignette

Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake vs Vaudevillians

Wesley Blake and Aiden English to start the match. The men lock up. Blake has head control on Aiden. Blake shoved off to the ropes and catches Aiden and hits a power slam and pin for two. Blake suplexes Aiden but gets reversed and snapmared into the ropes. Aiden tags out. Gotch in and starts knotting up the hamstring. Gotch has a submission on Blake does some squats then tags out maintaining the hold. Aiden in and works the left leg also. Aiden pins Blake for two. Aiden tags out and Gotch gets in working on the leg again. Gotch goes for a move but gets rolled up for two. Gotch back on the leg and tags out. Aiden in and also works the leg. Aiden kicked off. Aiden goes after Blake but is ducked. Blake tags and Murphy in hot after the tag. Murphy with a series of strikes and hits Aiden with double knees and a pin broken up at two by Gotch. Aiden into the ropes and Gotch blind tags. They double team Murphy and Gotch pins him for two.

Winners via pinfall Vaudevillians

Backstage with Regal and Tyler

Regal said there will be no rematch. Tyler said he had a night off. Regal agreed but then Kidd came onto the screen and complained about wanting a rematch. Regal says Finn and Itami have the night off so why not Tyler and and Kidd team together to face them.

Bull vs Elias

Bull quick on the offense and takes down Elias. Bull goes to the top rope drops a head.

Winner via pinfall Bull Dempsey

Post Match

Bull walks up the ramp the place goes black and Baron Corbins music hits.

Baron Corbin vs Generic Jobber

The crowd is counting. Baron hits the End Of Days.

Winner via pinfall Baron Corbin

Kevin Owens vignette

Tyler Breeze and Tyson Kidd vs Hideo Itami and Finn Balor

So far there has been no word where Tyler’s boots are this week. Kidd and Hideo to start the match. The men circle and lock up. Kidd gets waist control. Hideo takes the head and pushed off into the ropes and shoulder blocks Kidd. Kidd goes for a tag and Tyler begrudgedly tags in. They lock up. The chain wrestle and Hideo gets arm control. Hideo tags out and Finn in over the top rope and drops a foot. Breeze into the ropes and tags out. Finn blindsided by Kidd. Kidd stepping on Finn’s Ankle.


We come back to to Kidd in the corner with Finn. Kidd back elbows Finn. Tyler tags in double team Finn. Tyler puts Finn in the corner and starts stomping on Finn. Ref backs him up. Tyler suplexes Finn and pins him for two. Tyler tagged out. Kidd in and stomps Finn. Kidd hits Finn in the face with an elbow. Kidd picks up Finn and drops him with a neck breaker and pins him for two. Tyler gets a submission and Finn fights out of it. Kidd into the ropes and hits the breaks to tag and Finn drop kicks and falls flat. Tyler in and stomps Finn. Tyler punching and kicking then pins Finn for two. Tyler hits a neck breaker on Finn pins for two then tags out. Kidd chokes Finn on the bottom rope. Kidd catapults from the top rope and leg drops Finn’s head on the second rope. Kidd pins Finn for two. Kidd in the corner with Finn whips him and Finn mounts an offense. Finn hits a fall away kick on Kidd. Both men tag. Hideo hits Tyler with a series of kicks. Hideo hits a huge kick to the face on Tyler. Hideo sets up in the corner and nails Tyler with a hesitation drop kick on Tyler and pins him. Kidd breaks up the pin at two. Kidd distracts Hideo on the outside. Finn hits Tyler from the top rope with a stomp. Hideo sets up in the ring and hits Tyler with kick right to the back of the head.

Winner via pinfall Hideo Itami and Finn Balor

Post Match

Finn cuts a promo on Ascension. He says he hope they bring all they have because hes bringing something they’ve never seen before.

Adrian Neville makes his way to the ring

He says next week he faces long time friend Sami for the NXT Championship. He says people tell him he should be conflicted about the match but he isn’t. He will win and any cost. He should be ashamed of his recent behavior. He says the fundamental difference between him and Sami. Adrian is willing to do what it takes to win and Sami doesn’t. It’s why he has what it takes to be champ. Sami makes his way to the ring Adrian says whatever Sami decides to do post match at NXT Revolution isn’t on him. Sami says he’s glad Adrian has been doing a lot of thinking because he’s been doing a lot of thinking too. Sami says Adrian has some nerve saying Adrian has some nerve saying he’s too nice to be champ. Sami’s fate is decided by Sami and Sami only. Adrian has a bunch of respect for Sami and it’ll be a privilege and honor to stand across the ring form Sami and extends a hand. Sami says this isn’t about respect between them and slaps Adrian. Sami clearly losing it. He is going to end the story of Adrian and that title. Sami drops the mic and storms out of the ring.

The show goes off the air with Sami looking on Adrian from the ramp

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