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NXT Live Results 8/28/14 – The New Reign Of Regal

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WWE NXT Results (8/28/14) From Full Sail University Reported by Gesus Oliver of

Ascension comes out to start the show

Ascension vs The Generic Jobbers in a Non title match

Konor and Jobber 1 (J1) to start the match. Konnor quick to come out of his corner. Suplexes J1 to the ground then shoulder blocks him. Konnor tags out out Viktor. They're both in and measuring up J1 and both hit a shoulder take down. Viktor throwing a few upper cuts and slams him to the matt. Viktor throws J1 into J2 then throws J2 into the ring. Viktor tags out and they hit The Fall Of Man.

Winners via pinfall Ascension (Time 1:04)

Ascension cut a promo about how NXT Takeover 2 will just be more annihilation.

The New NXT GM is....

William Regal!!!!!

Regal says its a pleasure to be the new GM.

Regal's first action is to make the Main Event for the NXT Championship stipulation and invites the champ Adrian Neville to the ring. He was about to declare the match and gets interrupted by Tyson Kidd. Kidd starts to talk and gets interrupted by Tyler Breeze. Sami Zayn comes out next. Sami says he's more deserving of a title shot than Tyler and Kidd. Neville declares he would like to face all three men. Regal just made the match a Fatal Four Way.

Backstage interview with William Regal

Talks about the announcement he just made making it a Fatal Four Way. He also declares a tag match for all four participants.

Sasha Banks vs Bayley

Sasha slaps Bayley to start the match and Bayley backs her up into the corner. Bayley rushes her and gets thrown over the top rope. Bayley brings her in the ring and pins her for two. Sasha lays Bayley on the second rope and drives her to the matt. Sasha goes for a pin and gets two. Sasha locks in a submission. Bayley gets up and Sasha slams her back down and slams her head into the matt. Sasha goes for the pin and gets two again. Bayley catches Sasha in the gut. Banks puts her in the corner and slams her to the matt again. Banks stands on Bayleys head then gets down for a pin of two. Banks picks up Bayley and Bayley gets a forearm gets separation and hits a Bayley to Bayley.

Winner via pinfall Bayley (Time 3:20)

Renee with a post match interview. Bayley says she's prepared for the title match at Takeover 2. Charlotte comes out. Charlotte is asking for Bayley to not fight her so she doesn't get humiliated and destroyed. Bayley is so upset she doesn't want a hug from Charlotte but extends her hand and Charlotte walks away.

Bull Dempsey vs Angelo Dawkins

Bull and Angelo lock up. Bull throws a knee and a club to the back. Bull backs up Angelo to the corner and hits him with a series of forearms and elbows. Angelo into the ropes and jumps over Bull and Bull sits down. Bull goes for a pin and gets two. Bull drops a series of elbows and goes for another pin of 2. Bull hits a knee lift to the face and drops a knee onto Angelo's head. Bull stomps Angelo all over the ring. Bull drops an elbow right into the back of Angelo. Bull hits the ropes and drops a knee to Angelo's ribs. Bull puts Dawkins in the corner and drives his fist into the gut. Angelo gets some steam with a series of punches. Angelo hits the ropes and Angelo hits him with the Bulldozer.

Winner via pinfall Bull Dempsey (Time 2:48)

Backstage interview with Legionnaires

They're making fun of Enzo. They accept the Hair vs Hair match at NXT Takeover.

Tag Team Match Tyler Breeze and Tyson Kidd vs Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville

Neville and Tyler to start the match. The men lock up and Tyler is backed up into the corner. Tyler gets the wrist of Neville. Neville flips out and gets control of Tyler and grounds him. Neville gets up and tags out. Sami in hits Tyler and tags out to Adrian. Adrian picks up Tyler and tags out to Sami. Sami in off the top rope and comes down on Tyler. Goes for a pin but Tyler kicks out at one. Sami picks up Tyler and gets gets his arm. Tyler hits the ropes and Sami knocks him over the top rope and tags out. Kidd in and Sami backs up and tags in Adrian. Sami drops Tyson. Adrian does a corkscrew cross body on Tyson off the back of Sami. Adrian goes to the outside and rolls in Tyler then drops a knee on him. Pins Tyler for one. Tyler backs up Adrian into the corner and tags out. Tyson stomps Adrian. Tyson takes him out and puts him int othe ropes and gets reversed. Tyson stomps on the ropes and then goes for Adrian and kicks him in the head. Tyson distracts the ref and Tyler kicks Adrian in the head. Kidd rolls in Adrian and pins him for two. Kidd kicks Adrian in the back.


We come back to Tyler throwing Adrian into the corner head first. Tyler puts adrian upside down in the corner. Tags out to Tyson and Tyson chokes Adrian from the outside. Kidd pulls out Adrian and pins him for two. Tyson locks in a headlock. Adrian is fitting out and hits a suplex on Kidd. Kidd gets the tag on Tyler and he comes in hot. Cuts off Adrian and goes for two pins to only get two. Tyler drops an elbow on the top of Adrian's head. Tyler goes for a pin of two. Tyler gets a headlock on Adrian to ground him. Tyler tags out and holds Adrian. Kidd in and kicks Adrian. Kidd then drives his knee into Adrian. Adrian gets put in the corner. Kidd charges the corner and gets dropkicked to the shin. Adrian uses the separation to get a tag. Sami in like a bolt of lightning hits a drop kick on Kidd. Sami pulls in Tyler. Goes to the top rope and cross bodies both men. Sami hits the driver on Kidd and pins for two. Kidd hits a suplex on Sami and gets a pin for two. Tyler is tagged in. He goes to splash Sami into the corner and gets caught then gets an Exploder Suplex into the corner. Sami tags in Adrian. Adrian hits a drop kick on Tyler and pins him but is broken up by Tyson. Tyson hits Sami off the apron. Tyson tries to double team Adrian but he gets out of it. Adrian kicks Sami to the head. Adrian goes to the top rope and gets caught by Tyler. Sami goes to kick Tyler but Tyler ducks and Sami hits Adrian. Tyler tags in and uses the distraction. Kidd pushes Tyler into Sami and hits a Blue Tiger Bomb. Kidd throws Sami to the outside and pins Adrian.

Winner via pinfall Tyson Kidd and Tyler Breeze (Time 9:30)

After the match Sami hits Kidd with a Helluva Kick. Sami is the only one left standing in the ring. Sami picks up the NXT Title and holds it up as the show goes off the air.

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