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NXT Live Results (10/9/14) - O'Neil To The King


WWE NXT Results (10/9/14)
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL
Reported by Gesus Oliver of

The show starts out with the NXT video package.

Tyler Breeze comes out first and the show kicks off with a match

Tyler Breeze vs Mojo Rawley

The match starts out with Tyler punching Mojo then climbing into the ropes. Tyler gets out punches Mojo again and climbs the ropes again. Mojo puts Tyler in the corner and gives him a series of punches. Mojo goes after him again and gets feet to the face. Tyler on the offense with stomps and gets Mojo in an arm bar.

Winner via submission Tyler Breeze

Video Package with Enzo Big Cass and Carmella

Video recap of the Hideo and Ascension feud

Viktor vs Hideo Itami

The match starts out with both men exploding out of their corners and exchanging blows. Hideo into the ropes and clotheslined down. Viktor with a sick chop. Viktor takes Hideo to the matt and grinds him. Viktor with a european uppercut and a snap suplex. Viktor picks him up chops him and hits a european uppercut again. Hideo reverses a suplex and starts his kicks. Hideo chargers the corner goes up and over then spring broads Viktor. Viktor set up in the corner on the bottom rope and gets drop kicked. Hideo to the top rope. Connor comes out on stage beating up on Funaki. Despite the distraction Hideo gets a drop kick.

Winner via pinfall Hideo Itami

Post match Konnor hits the ring and starts a beatdown on Hideo. Hideo gets tied up in the ropes and both members of the Ascension continue the beatdown. Funkai hits the ring but gets hit with the Fall Of Man.

Vaudevillians vs Enzo and Big Cass

Enzo and Big Cass cut another great promo during their way to the ring.

The match starts out with Simon and Enzo. The men lock up. Simon gets the advantage and backs up Enzo into the corner. Simon tags out and Aiden in. Leg drop to a pin for two. Aiden kicks Eno and drives a knee to his back. Pinfall for a two count again. Aiden grabs the ears of Enzo picks him up and back drops him. Aiden gets Enzo in a headlock. Aiden lets go for a backdrop and Enzo reverses for a cross body. Enzo tags out and Cass coming in with clotheslines and a high knee on Aiden. Aiden goes for a suplex and Aiden gets free and tags out. Simon in gets a big boot. Cass for a pin that’s broken up at two by Aiden. Cass tags Enzo and sets him up for a leg drop. Aiden distracts Enzo and Simon gets the advantage. Simon picks up Enzo and tags Aiden. Simon rolls Enzo and Aiden Swan Tons onto Enzo.

Winner via pinfall The Vaudevillians

Backstage interview with Sami Zayn

He talks about his match tonight with Titus O’Neil

Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks

The match starts out with an arm drag on Sasha. Becky has the arm bar. Becky rolls up Sasha for two. Sasha tosses her to the matt pins her for one. Becky charges the corner but Banks moves and starts getting slapped in the back. Banks chokes Becky with her foot Banks whips Becky to the opposite corner charges and gets an elbow. Becky tries to kick Banks but gets caught and knocked to the matt. Sasha goes for the pin but gets two. Sasha locks in a submission. Becky fights out but gets thrown to the matt and pinned for two. Sasha locks in the same submission driving her knee into the back. Becky tries to reverse but rolls up banks for two. Becky goes for a backslide but Bans fights out. Becky hits a big european uppercut and starts rolling with a series of clotheslines. Becky drops a leg drop and pins for two. Becky springboard kicks Banks in the corner hits the ropes but gets caught by Banks with a clothesline. Banks hits a back cracker and locks in the Bank Statement.

Winner via submission Sasha Banks

Titus O’Neil vs Sami Zayn

The match starts out with both men locking up and Titus throwing off Sami. The men lock up again and Sami is backed up into the corner. Titus tries to clothesline Sami but gets ducked in the corner. Sami gets back control and puts Titus in the corner. The men lock up again and Sami gets a knee to the gut. Sami gets the ropes and starts laying in forearm shots. After a couple shots Sami gets caught and slammed down. Titus lays in a barrage of punches on Sami. Sami backed into the corner gets a series of blows. Sami tries to fight his way out and gets a knee to the stomach repeatedly for his efforts. Titus backs up Sami again. The ref backs up Titus. Sami slaps Titus. Titus back on the offensive and gives Sami a series of stomps on the corner again. Sami trying to catch his breath. Titus utilizing the five count in the corner. Sami gets scoop slammed again and pinned for two. Titus throws Sami to the outside of the ring.


We come back to Titus having Sami in the bear hug. Sami is trying to fight out but Titus just sinches in more. Titus throwing Sami around like a rag doll. Titus threw Sami to the matt. Sami is scoop slammed again by Titus and pinned for two. Sami up to this wobbly feet and throws a connecting punch. Titus angry backs up Sami into the corner and starts punching him. The ref backs up Titus and asks Sami if he can continue. Titus back and driving his knee and his boots into Sami. Titus is backed up again. Titus locks in another bear hug. Sami uses his head and head buttsh is way out. He throws a few punches but Titus gives a boot to get away. Titus goes after Sami but Sami pulls the top rope and Titus goes to the outside. Sami hits a suicide dive. Sami rolls Titus into the ring. Sami on the top rope hits a cross body on Titus and pins him for two. Both men set up in opposite corners. Sami runs for the Helluva Kick but gets caught by Titus’ boot. Titus pins Sami for two. Titus goes to slam Sami but he reverses and gets a sleeper hold on Titus. Titus fades to one knee but gets back up and flips Sami over. Sami climbs up the corner and catches Titus with his boot. Sami goes to pin Titus but his feet were under the rope. Sami grabs the hand of Titus to run up the rope but gets hit with a huge clothesline. Titus pins for two. Sami up again and grabs the hand. Sami up the turnbuckle on the rope and is caught by Titus. Titus picks up Sami from the top rope and powerbombs Sami.

Winner via pinfall Titus O’Neil

Post match

Titus puts Sami on the apron headfirst and climbs the top rope. Adrian Neville comes out and saves Sami.

The show goes off the air with Titus standing tall on the turnbuckle and Sami sitting on the ramp with Adrian over him.

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