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WWE NXT Results (10/30/14) – Cutesville Detour

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WWE NXT Results (10/30/14)
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL
Reported by Gesus Oliver of

The show starts off with a backstage interview with Sami Zayn

Asking him about Adrian Neville about not being able to win the big won. He admits he lost a few big ones but those days are behind him. He is on a road to redemption but gets cut off by Titus. Titus lets him know that the road to redemption runs through Titus. That there is an open invitation to face him for that title shot.

NXT Opening Video plays

#1 contender match Battle Royal for the Tag Team Titles Enzo and Big Cass, Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy, Ascension, Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger, and the Vaudevillians

Konnor almost eliminates Aiden English. Aiden recovers and rolls under the ring. Tye tries to eliminate Ezno but is fought off by Enzo. Viktor trying to hang on as JJ is trying to eliminate him but recovers. Murphy is trying to eliminate Tye as he dangles over the top rope. JJ trying to eliminate JJ and both teams roll over the top rope. Vaudevillians roll under the bottom rope when no one is looking. It leaves Ascension and Big Cass and Enzo Amore the last two teams standing. Both teams slug it out. Viktor and Konnor put both men in opposite corners and start stomping them down. They team up on Big Cass but Enzo jumps onto Viktor. Enzo is shook off. Enzo tries to throw some punches but gets clotheslined. Big Cass starts beating both men up and sets them up for a double butt. He gets cut off and thrown over the top rope but lands on the apron. Ascension javelins Enzo into Cass for the elimination. Hideo comes out for the distraction and sits on the ramp. Vaudevillians sneak in and get the elimination.

Winners and NEW #1 contenders The Vaudevillains

Post match

Ascension get in the ring after Vaudevillians. Hideo hits the ring as well and gets beat up by Ascension. Konnor tells Hideo they don’t want him in NXT and that if Hideo doesn’t go home to Japan they’ll send him home in a box.

Emma vs Carmella

Carmella cuts a promo on her way to the ramp.

The match starts with both women locking up and Carmella rolling her up for a pin of one. Emma gets a headlock and shook off into the ropes then hits a shoulder block. Emma hits the ropes and Carmella drops down so Emma drops down next to her. Emma pins Carmella for one. Carmella gets a headlock and thrown into the ropes for a shoulder block pin for one. Emma to the apron and is charged by Carmella but gets cut off and Emma back in. Carmella backs up into the corner and goats in Emma. Emma on the ground getting stomped by Carmella. Carmella chokes Emma on the second rope. Carmella throws Emma to the matt and pins her for one. Carmella gets her in a body scissors around the waist. Emma fighting out and bridges into a 2 count pin. Carmella maintains the hold and rolls her back. Emma turns around in the hold. She throws a punch at Carmella. Emma picks her up and slams her down. Emma with an elbow. Carmella tries to kick Emma but gets caught and thrown down. Emma with a comeback. Emma hits the dilEMMA. Emma lines up for an Emma Sandwich. Emma pins Carmella for two. Emma goes or a submission but is knocked off. Carmella gets caught up in her submission.

Winner via submission Carmella

Justin Gabriel vs Bull Dempsey

Bull tries to lock up but Justin is kicking him. Bull backs him into the corner and Justin throws a punch and kick. Bull puts him in the corner and gets some hits in. Bull gets the leg of Justin but gets broken up by the Ref and Justin capitalizes. Justin hits the ropes and rolls up dempsey for a pin of one. Bull pancakes Justin and starts stomping Justin. Bull pins Justin for one. Bull gets a sidewalk slam on Justin and covers him for two. Bull mounts Justin and lays in punches. Pins Justin for two. Bull gets a headlock on Justin. Justin fighting back but gets cut off by a knee to the gut. Justin gets a reverse DDT on Bull and moonsaults onto Bull for two. Justin kicks Bull in the spine. Bull gets a northern lights release suplex. Bull hits Justin with his whole body running into him. Bull sets up on the top rope. Bull hits the flying headbutt.

Winner via pinfall Bull Dempsey

Backstage with Bailey

She is talking about Becky Lynch. She is willing to bring a friend next week if Becky and Sasha want to meet up next week.

Baron Corbin vs Briggs

The men lock up. Corbin knocks down Briggs and hits him with End of Days

Winner via pinfall Baron Corbin

Louis vs LeFort

Louis rushes the ring and gets cut off by Sylvester. LeFort lays in some punches and backs Louis into the corner. Hits him with a knee in the gut. Louis throws Sylvestor to the matt and lays in a series of punches. Louis hits a big clothesline. Louis screaming “you did this to me!” Hits a Rock Bottom like move.

Winner via pinfall Marcus Louis


Hideo says that he is tired of the Ascension’s two on one attack. He will not leave but he will bring a friend next week.

Sami Zayn vs Titus O’Neil

The men circle each other and finally lock up. Titus throws Sami to the matt. Lock up again and is thrown again. Sami fighting back with elbows but is cut off by a knee. Sami chops Titus but he gets chopped across the back. Titus puts Sami in the corner. The two exchange chops and Sami fights back. Sami in the ropes and gets caught by Titus. Titus gets him in a side breaker and tossed aside.


We come back to Titus in a bear hug. Titus headbutting Sami while maintaining the hold. Titus throws Sami to the matt and covers him for one. Titus chokes Sami with his knee. Titus is stalking Sami. The two exchange blows again. Titus taunting Sami with slaps. Sami stages a comeback with slaps but gets hit with a scoop slam. Titus throws Sami out of the ring. Ref is up to seven. Titus throws him out the other side of the ring. Ref upto eight this time. Titus tries to throw Sami out but Sami hangs on. Sami catches Titus on the top rope. Sami to the top rope and hits a crossbody cover for two. Sami gets hit with a big knee and is pinned for two. Titus picks up Sami puts him on his shoulder and gives him a backbreaker. Titus pins Sami for two. Sami in the corner and Titus rushes him and is caught for an exploder suplex. Sami sets up and hits a Helluva Kick.

Winner via pinfall Sami Zayn

Post Match

As Sami is celebrating Tyler Breeze’s music hits and he hits the stage. Tyler asks if he really thinks he is the #1 contender by being a bunch of ugos then he is wrong. The road to redemption is going thrown cutesville as he has to fight Tyler who he has never beat before.

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