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WWE NXT Live Results (11/06/14) - Title Matches And FINNally A Debut


WWE NXT Results (11/06/14)
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL
Reported by Gesus Oliver of

The show starts off with a video recap

The video recap of Sami’s road to redemption highlighting the feud between Sami and Adrian Neville.

NXT Opening Video

Singles Match Tyler Breeze vs Sami Zayn

The match starts out both men are circling each other. Tyler rolls up Sami for one. Tyler goes for a hold but is reversed. Tyler reverses again and the men exchange holds until Tyler gets a backslide on Sami for one. Tyler gets a headlock to the arm and rolls Sami for one. Tyler each time motioning how close he was to winning. Tyler gets another arm lock on Sami. Sami rolls out and locks it in on Tyler. Sami hits the ropes and gains momentum with a deep arm drag. Sami hits Tyler's face into the turnbuckle and slams him down. Tyler chokes Sami up on the top rope, rolls in with a knee drop and pin for one. Tyler with Sami in the corner. Pulls him out and stomps the gut repeatedly and pins for one. Tyler gets a chin lock on Sami. Tyler bull dogs Sami into the turnbuckle. Pins him for one.


We come back with Tyler giving Sami a big suplex and a pin for two. Sami locks in another headlock on Sami. Sami tries to rally back but gets cut off with a back elbow. Tyler drops a axe handle and pins Sami for two. The two exchange punches. The two exchange punches and kicks but Tyler capitalizes by a kick in the gut. Tyler with a back elbow and pin for two. Tyler locks in another headlock. Tyler hits another knee and throws him into the ropes and is caught by a clothesline. Sami hits the ropes again and drop kicks Tyler. Sami goes for the Blue Thunder Bomb gets reversed and is hit with a neck breaker. Tyler pins Sami for two. Sami to the apron followed by Tyler and drives his shoulder into Tyler’s gut. Sami to the top rope and is caught by Tyler. Tyler on the second rope fighting. Sami punches Tyler off. Sami goes for a move off the top rope and is caught by a huge drop kick from Tyler. Tyler pins Sami for two. Tyler goes to punch Sami but gets caught. The two exchange reversals again and Sami gets hit with a superkick. Sami is pinned for two. Tyler is frustrated and is starting to lose his cool. Tyler goes to hit Sami in the corner and gets caught with an exploder suplex. Sami then hits Tyler with a Helluva Kick.

Winner via pinfall Sami Zayn

Backstage interview with Adrian Neville

Renee asks Sami what he thought about the match Sami just had. Adrian said he was a great contender and will give him a match any time any place. He restates the assumption Sami can’t win the big one.

Singles Match Dash Wilder vs Tyson Kidd

The match starts with Kidd and Dash exchanging holds. Kidd hit with a shoulder block and gets into the corner to break the momentum of Dash. They lock up again Dash gets the head of Kidd and backs Dash into the corner to break the hold. Kidd goes to back up and hits Dash and starts an barrage of hits. Kidd chokes Dash with his boot in the corner. Kidd catapults Dash’s face into the bottom turnbuckle. Kidd sets up Dash and kicks him in the spine. Kidd pins Dash for two. Kidd gets a headlock on Dash. Kidd gives him a few punches and takes him down. Kidd chokes with his shin and locks him in another headlock. Dash starting to fight back but is wrenched back down by Kidd. Kidd throws Dash into the corner chases him and is caught with an elbow. Dash getting some offense and hits a huge scoop slam on Kidd and pins for two. Kidd on the apron and catches Dash in the head with a kick. Kidd hits Dash with a fisherman’s hook neck breaker. Kidd locks in a Sharpshooter.

Winner via submission Tyson Kidd

Backstage vignette with Louis

He just chants over and over sadistically that they did that to him.

Backstage Interview with Sami

Renee asks him about his match with Tyler. He feels like he is coming back. He feel the road is at its end and wants a shot at it all. He wants a shot at the NXT Title. Renee is going to talk to Regal next week to see if the match is set up for next week.

Tag Team Divas Match with Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch vs Charlotte and Bayley

Becky and Bayley to start the match. The women go to lock up but Bayley clubs Becky with forearm blows. Becky in the corner and gets driven into the turnbuckle. Bayley brings her out goes to hit a move but is reversed and pulled to the corner for a tag. Sasha in and gets scooped slammed. Bayley drops a knee and covers Sasha for one. Bayley tags in Charlotte. Sasha gets up and runs to the corner to tag in Becky. Becky in and gets whipped by her head. Becky in the corner and gets chopped down. Charlotte hits a snap suplex.


We come back with Charlotte maintaining head control. Charlotte picks up Becky hits a few knee lifts and brings her back down to the matt. Becky is picked up again and backed into her own corner. Charlotte is yelling at Becky to tag in Sasha. Becky refuses and Charlotte takes her out of the corner and pins her for one. Charlotte picks up Becky and throws her into Sasha. Charlotte chases her around the ring and is caught off by Becky. Charlotte lands some punches on Becky goes after Sasha and gets pulled down by her hair by Sasha. Charlotte down and Sasha comes in to lay some punches. Charlotte gets out and Sasha tags again. Becky in the corner and gets whipped out by her head again. Charlotte drops a knee right on Becky’s head. Charlotte tags out and Bayley chops Becky. Bayley snap mare and slaps her on the back. Bayley pins Becky for two. Bayley and Becky exchange blows. Becky gets the upper hand and backs Bayley into the corner and tags. Sasha in and pummels Bayley. Sasha taunts Charlotte and kicks Bayley in the head. Sasha gets a pin of two. Sasha locks in a figure four head lock on Bayley mocking Charlotte. Sasha pins Bayley for two. Sasha throws Bayley into the corner head first and tags out. They double team Bayley and kick her in the gut. Becky give her clubbing blows and tags out again. Sasha chokes Bayley in the corner. She pulls Bayley out and scoop slams her. Sasha pins for two. Sasha goes to suplex Bayley and gets reversed. Bayley pins Sasha for two. Sasha gets caught with a clothesline. Sasha grabs the leg of Bayley so she can’t tag. Becky runs around and distracts Charlotte. Sasha knocks Charlotte off the apron. Bayley rolls up Sasha for two but is reversed and Bayley is rolled up.

Winner via pin fall Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch.

Backstage with William Regal

Renee is wondering if William is willing to sign off on the title match. Regal says he has to worry about what is best for business despite what talent want. He says that Sami is a great competitor and why not make the match. Regal then makes the announcement for next week.

Ascension vs Hideo Itami and a partner of his choosing

Ascension cut a promo before the match. They say they tried to be patient with him but he doesn’t get the message.

Hideo comes out, smiles and motions to the back. His partner is Finn Balor. Both men rush the ring.

Both teams exchange punches and kicks. Finn and Hideo get the upper hand and both drop kick separate opponents in separate corners once each. Hideo and Finn clean house. Both mean double team each member of the Ascension.

The match was never under way 

The show goes off the air with Finn and Hideo standing tall and talking trash to each member of the Ascension.

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