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NXT "Open Thread" - Streaming Live Results & Discussion

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WWE NXT Results (11/13/14)
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL
Reported by Gesus Oliver of

The show starts off with a recap

The recap if the Hideo beat down by The Ascension and the debut of Finn Balor.

NXT Opening Video

Finn Balor makes his way to the ring and says that he’s the future. He gets interrupted by Tyson Kidd. Kidd says no one has a more riveting story than him...Fact. As a Hart the first thing he is taught is respect something Finn clearly lacks. Kidd gets interrupted by Justin Gabriel. He says Tyson is right. He tells Finn that he has to go through Kidd and Justin Gabriel to get to the top. Finn gets cornered and Hideo makes his way to the ring.

Finn Balor and Hideo Itami vs Kidd and Justin Gabriel

Hideo gets in the ring and they back up Kidd and Gabriel out of the ring. A referee makes a run in and states that Regal is making this a match and rings the bell. Justin and Hideo start the match.

The men lock up and Justin gets arm control backs up and tags in Kidd. Kidd maintains arm control then is reversed. Hideo tags out. Finn jumps in and Kidd backs up. The town circle each other and Kidd tags out. Justin in and gets dropped kicked. Kidd jumps off the rope and pulls out Justin form the ring. Finn does a dive to the outside.


We come back to Justin in the corner and Hideo tagging in. He punches Justin in the gut. Justin gives Hideo a few forearm shots and Hideo gives him a snapmare. Hideo pins Justin for two. Hideo picks up Justin and tags in Finn. Finn chops. Finn irish whips Justin but gets reversed. Finn goes over the rope kicks Kidd on the apron and gets drop kicked by Justin. Justin tags out and Kidd goes on the attack of Finn. Kidd hits Finn with a neckbreaker and gets in the ring to start the count. Kidd tags in Justin. Justin chops Finn on the outside. Justin rolls in Finn at a four count and pins him for one. Justin locked in a full nelson. Justin flips him and kicks him in the back and tags out. Justin in they double team Finn and pin him for one. Kidd buts Finn in the corner and lays in a series of punches. Kidd locks in a headlock. Finn starts to fight out but Kidd backs up and tags in Justin. Justin suplexed Finn and locks in a submission on Finn. Finn fighting out and gets a knee to the gut and Justin tags out. Kidd in and punches Finn. Kidd hits the ropes and gets hit with a kick. Finn tags in Hideo. Hideo in hot and hits Kidd with a bunch of kicks and puts him into the ropes and connects with another kick. Hideo pins Kidd for one. Kidd sets up in the corner and Hideo in pursuit and caught with a kick. Kidd tags out. Justin goes to springboard and is countered with a knee to the gut. Hideo pins Justin for two and is broken up by Kidd. Hideo corkscrews Kidd. Hideo tags out. Finn and Hideo double drop kick Kidd and Justin. Finn goes to the top rope and double foot stomp.

Winners via pinfall Hideo Itami and Finn Balor

Backstage interview with Sami

He gives us his thoughts on his matchup tonight with Adrian Neville. He has opportunities in the past but this road to redemption isn’t a gimmick but destiny.

Alexa Bliss vs Sasha Banks w/ Becky Lynch

The women go to lock up but Banks gives her a knee to the gut. Banks puts her to the matt and pins her for two. Banks snap mares hits the ropes and slaps Alexa. Banks pins Alexa for two. Banks in control locks Alexa into a submission. Alexa ges out and pins Banks for one. Alexa with a little fire head scissors Banks. Banks in the corner gets sunset flipped and pinned for two. Alexa clotheslines Banks hits the ropes and caught with a drop kick. Banks hits Alexa with a Bank Statement.

Winner via submission Sasha Banks

Post Math

Banks says she hopes Charlotte is watching. That Charlotte has what she wants. She wants to finally make it official then suggests Charlotte she should just hand it over. She will show Charlotte and the entire NXT Universe why she is the baddest Diva in NXT.

Backstage Interview with Adrian Neville

He talks about his title defense. He says that Sami is a good friend and great competitor. He says the difference between Sami and Adrian is that Sami can’t win the big one. Something that’ll be proven later tonight.

Lucha Dragons vs Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy

Kalisto and Blake to start the match. Blake has waist control of Kalisto. The two exchange counters and Blake is spring-boarded by Kalisto into the ropes and Buddy blind tags in. Buddy catches Kalisto and suplexes him and pins him for one. Buddy tags out. Buddy slams Kalisto and Blake hits him and covers him for one. Blake tags out and Buddy with a kidney shit. Buddy drops a knee and cover Kalisto for two. Buddy tags out. Blake is on the top rope and comes down on Kalisto’s arm. Blake pins for two. Kalisto going for a tag but Blake gets him in a submission. Buddy tags in and dropkicks Kalisto from the top rope and pins him for two. Buddy tags out and both whip Kalisto into the corner. They’re caught with a kick. Kalisto mounts an offense and tags in Cara. cara cleaning house with hurricanranas. Cara hits a flying back elbow and pins Blake for two. Blake whips Cara into the ropes and lifts him into his partner. Cara rolls up Blake picks him up and slams him down. Cara climbs to the corner and hits a Swanton.

Winners via pinfall Kalisto and Sin Cara.

Backstage interview with the Vaudevillians

They remind us that they’re #1 contenders. They applaud their success but they have a message for them. The want them to keep the gold shined and leather oiled for the titles are staying with children but going home with men.

Adrian Neville vs Sami Zayn for the NXT Championship

The match starts and both men circle. They lock up. Sami gets the arm and the men exchange locks with Sami coming up the victor of the exchange. Adrian gets the head of Sami. Sami throws him off and gets an arm drag on him. They lock up again. Sami has arm control again. Sami pushed off hits Adrian with a dropkick. Adrian to the outside. Sami goes to dive but springboards back into the ring. Sami opens the ropes for Adrian. Adrian in over the top rope. Adrian picking up the pace hitting Sami with kicks.


We come back to Adrian snap suplexing Sami. Sami is in a headlock. Sami starts to fight out and throws off Adrian. Adrian rushes Sami in the corner and pins him for two. Adrian puts Sami in the corner and chops him. Puts him into the ropes takes him down and pins him for two. Adrian gets a headlock on Sami. Sami trying to fight out and to his feet gets slammed down to the matt again. Sami mounting an offense again but gets caught with a roundhouse kick. Adrian laying in punches. Adrian hits the ropes and is caught by a punch from Sami and then a series of clotheslines. Sami clotheslines Adrian to the outside. Sami hits Air Zayn as he dives to the outside. Sami rolls in Adrian and goes to the top rope. Sami goes for a crossbody but is caught. Adrian hits a standing shooting star press on Sami and pins him for one. Adrian picks up Sami and goes for a powerbomb but gets reversed and hits a sit down powerbomb on Adrian. Adrian up and kicks Sami. Adrian misses a kick and gets caught in two belly to backs and pinned for two. Sami setting up in the corner starts to run and is caught by a kick. Adrian rushes the corner gets caught but rolls up Sami for two. Adrian kicks Sami in the head and sets up on the top rope. Adrian goes for the Red Arrow and Sami rolls out of the way. Adrian clutching his left knee. The ref is stopping Sami from continuing the match while he looks after Adrian. Sami goes to see if Adrian is okay and gets rolled up.

Winner via pinfall and STILL NXT Champion Adrian Neville

Post Match

Sami is sitting on the matt upset. Adrian sits next to him says something to him and then rolls to the corner. Medics come to the corner by Adrian.

The show goes off the air with Sami sitting speechless in the ring with Adrian behind him.

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