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NXT Rank'd

Welcome Back to NXT Rank'd! We are the 4 Horsemen of NXT and this past Wednesdays show did not disappoint. I would personally like to thank the three guys that help to make this article happen. Without Wyatt, Christopher, and Paul this series would not be possible. So thank you guys. On to what you came to read!

Adam Rose vs. Tyler Breeze-By Paul Rathert II

Rose must’ve felt a bit rejuvenated coming back to a place where he’s over. He and the Rosebuds got a warm welcome. There were chants of, “Nin-ja Tur-tle,” for the Rosebud dressed like Leonardo (who has always been my favorite) just before the match started. That was pretty comical. Rose did a great job working the crowd and Breeze countered to chants of, “Breeze is gorgeous!” This was definitely more of a fun, comedic display than an actual match, but what little action there was worked. Breeze countering a diving double axe-handle off the ropes into an inverted atomic drop, after Rose had just nailed Breeze with the same move, causing both men to hobble around the ring favoring their groins was hilarious. Breeze using his “Selfie Sabre” to fend off the ‘Buds (can I call them the ‘Buds? I don’t think they’d mind. Executive decision-They are the ‘Buds. Don’t be a lemon.) after the match so they would part and he could exit up the ramp was very well-played.

These two characters mesh really well together on their surface so it makes sense. I originally questioned the booking because it seems to me like if you’re trying to get Breeze over as a heel and get Rose some credibility to take back to the main roster you’d have Breeze cheat to win. That they went another direction made sense later, though. I would like to see these two have a more technical match, even if comedy is still in play, in the near future. I really like what I’ve seen from Breeze and I think his gimmick will still work on the main roster as long as they continue to evolve the ways in which he’s self-absorbed. I wish Rose was used in situations more like this on the main roster, albeit in longer matches.

Short match with only four or five moves, but a funny and entertaining story was told and I enjoyed it. It was a solid way to start off the show and got things started in an upbeat fashion.

3.5 stars

NXT Tag Team Champions Blake and Murphy vs. Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton (Non Title)-By Dave Johnston

What can I say about this match? Blake and Murphy are a strong team and worked to make it to the top of the mountain. Angelo and Sawyer seem, to me a Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin rehash. This match was ok, but really did not hold my interest much. Compared to the other matches on the show, this match could of been better.

2 stars

Baron Corbin vs. Tony Briggs-By Dave Johnston

This match was a bit more entertaining. I like Baron Corbin. He gives me a vibe of "The Icon" Sting without the face paint and CM Punk. He is only going to make big waves when he hits the main roster. Baron has a HUGE upside. On the other hand, Tony Briggs give me a Kurt Angle vibe if he was stuck in The Spirit Squad. Where did he dig up that singlet? Baron Corbin made short work of this Spirit Squad dropout.

3 stars

Solomon Crowe vs. Bull Dempsey-By Wyatt Leves

The debut of Solomon Crowe was awesome. He had a great and lively entrance, already hyping the fans. The match wasn't as good as I was hoping, however. Yes, it was good for being his debut match, but there could be some things that could be changed. He showed his in-ring work, and has already built a lot of charisma for himself. I could probably see him as a face or a heel around now or even in a little bit. I think the match was great and the entrance was livening overall.

3 Stars

NXT Women's Champion Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte (NXT Women's Title match)-by Michael Christopher

We have seen this match so many times over the past couple of months but these girls have yet to dissapoint. This match brought a new dynamic into play with Sasha the reigning champion. I loved the start of the match with Sasha playing the classic "heel champion" trying to dodge dip dive duck and dodge her way away from Charlotte and trying to walk out with the title. After the commercial break this match was off to the races. These girls are so talented and this was another great match with a high abundance of highlight moments. Sasha has become so technically sound and has improved greatly in the past couple months, I absolutely loved the backstabber into submission she did. The crowd was awesome in this match also, as the NXT crowd usually is and that really added a lot to this bout. This match made Sasha look strong but yet showed solid reselliance from Charlotte without making her look weak and also helped develop Sasha as a top heel with her cheating, it was an all around well booked and well executed main event. "This is wrestling" was heard throughout the crowd and it truly was, a great display of athleticism from these great competitors and I know one day they will be stealing the show on the main roster.

4.5 Stars

Well, that wraps up this installment of NXT Rank'd. See you all next week!

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