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Hello, and welcome, to NXT Rank’d. Sorry for the delay, as one of our Four Horsemen, Dave Johnson, is sick and can’t provide us with an article. Nevertheless, the show must go on, and so it shall. The night was great, with many intriguing storylines and matches, of course. Now, us three will opine on the matches.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs. The Geico Lizards (aka The Lucha Dragons)-Paul Rathert

Anytime Enzo Amore has a hot mic in front of him you know it's going to be golden (the beach line in this is amazing) and Big Cass has been getting more in the mix lately, too. Their in-ring skills are beginning to meet the level of their promos. Their double team moves are becoming more fluid. I really liked Cass pushing Enzo out of harm’s way when the Dragons dove through the ropes to the outside. It’s little things like that which can help develop a babyface tag team. The Dragons hit all their spots in this match which is an improvement over their recent performances. I’m sure Kalisto’s presence on the roster had an impact on Mysterio being released. His style and look are very similar.

It’s good to see the realest guys in the room getting a push. They are entertaining and fun to watch. This is probably the hottest they’ve been since Amore returned from a broken leg, having taken down two former tag team champions. I think Big Cass has above average athleticism for a guy his size which is a huge benefit. There aren’t a lot of tag teams with near seven-footers so he’ll usually be the biggest guy in the ring. I almost expected (hoped?) there to be some type of showdown between Amore/Cass and Blake & Murphy after the match. Overall a solid start to the show.

3 Stars

Carmella vs Alexa Bliss- Michael Christopher

Let me give a shout out to Alexa Bliss representing the 614. Its always cool to see wrestlers from my hometown of Columbus and I'm definitely a fan of Bliss. In this match I was honestly surprised by how well Bliss performed, I thought she had some really cool spots off the top rope and some awesome maneuvers. I would have liked to have seen more from Carmella especially when she was controlling the match but I can say she does a really good job playing to the crowd. I kind of think this match got off to a strong start but kind of died in the middle a little but these girls recovered and this match ended up being a decent one.

 3/5 stars

Alex Riley vs. CJ Parker- Wyatt Leves

Personally, the in-ring return of Alex Riley was okay. I didn't like that he didn't have too much control of the match. I would've liked to see what he can do now. He definitely had some good maneuvers in the match, but I would've wanted him to perform more overall. I know that was supposed to happen, as it's part of the in-ring return gimmick, but he could've had a little bit more action. His entrance, on the other hand, was great. It was very lively and entertaining. I liked how he interacted with the fans, because in WWE we don't tend to see that as much anymore. It was a fairly good match overall and I want to see what Riley can do later on.

3 Stars

Tyler Breeze vs. Hideo Itami- Wyatt Leves

The main event was great. I like both of these wrestlers' styles in the ring. They both have a unique way of doing something. Tyler Breeze might just have enough charisma to grant him a small push, just in my opinion. Hideo Itami definitely has the in-ring talent, as we've been seeing lately. Overall, the match was great. Yes, there were some things that could be changed, but what they lost in the match, they made up for in charisma. Plus, not every match can be perfect. This could be one of the top rivalries right now in NXT, with the right execution. These are both well-rounded competitors and this was a great match.

3.5 Stars

Overall Show Rating- 3-3.5 Stars

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