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NXT TakeOver: Rival Preview

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I've been looking forward to tonight since TakeOver: R Evolution ended and we knew Kevin Owens' uppance would come. I predict come the 28th we will look back on this show as the best of the month for WWE. Things I can't wait to see:

Will Itami's spotlight continue to grow? 

He's been mostly overshadowed by his friend Balor, the man he came to NXT with and who knocked him out of the #1 Contender's Tourney last week. Their match was Itami's best showing since coming over so it will be interesting to see how the crowd responds to him after the loss. A talented Tyler Breeze will look for redemption after losing to Itami in the first round of the tourney.

Will Corbin unleash the fury?

Baron Corbin suffered his first NXT loss last week at the hands of Adrian Neville. What the box score doesn't show is that , unbeknownst to Neville, Bull Dempsey interfered and smashed Corbin's face into a post. As he is wont to do, Corbin had little to say on the matter. I hope he lets his actions speak for him and tears Dempsey apart in their no DQ match.

Balor vs. Neville

In what will likely be the NXT match of 2015 so far we will see two men meeting at their own respective crossroads. Neville wants the belt back and since joining NXT, Balor has been blazing a trail towards the top of the mountain (will he outdo his R Evolution intro?!). Get your popcorn ready because this is going to be the match you want to see. The result should give us some insight into the direction WWE is taking with Neville as he's been due for a call-up for some time.

With a friend like this...

How short-lived Sami Zayn's celebration was before Owens showed that he values the title more than the lifelong friendship the two of them have shared. Pro Wrestling is like any business-some people will step on anyone on their way to the top, even their best friend. Owens doesn't have the element of surprise in his favor this time and may regret lighting a fire in Zayn that we haven't seen before. Could we see an ever better version of the champ in his second title defense?

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