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Offering An Alternative - An Introduction To Lucha Underground

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With the news that Destination America is cancelling Impact Wrestling, there will be a section of wrestling fans around the world looking for an alternative to being 'sports entertained' on a weekly basis by WWE. So fans wants to see a product that contains wrestling but also elements of something that makes it stand out as a product. These elements generally tend to be something different in the ring, an alternative style of commentary, more compelling and interesting story lines, and they want the show to have a feel different to what WWE puts out. Impact Wrestling was that company (to an extent anyway) but over the last few months a new company has risen from the underground to show that in years to come they could be a competitive force in the wrestling business. That company is called Lucha Underground, and this piece is here to provide you, the wrestling fans with more information about this ever increasingly popular company.


I'm sure that most of you as fans of wrestling have at least heard something about Lucha Underground since it began screening on the El Ray Network in October 2014, but if you have never heard anything about the company then here are the basics you need to know. Lucha Underground airs weekly on the El Ray Network, and features some of the best talent from the American independent wrestling circuit, as well as names from from Triple A, Mexico's biggest wrestling company. The matches are very much based around the Lucha Libre style of wrestling made popular in Mexico, with the company's weekly television show taped in front of a live audience in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles. What makes Lucha Underground different to promotions like WWE, Impact Wrestling, and Ring of Honor is matches are shown in their entirety without interruption from commercial breaks meaning fans do not miss a second of the high flying action on offer. Not only that but the company regularly show highlight packages featuring story lines and interviews to keep fans invested in the feuds the company are promoting.

You might want to know more about some of the names Lucha Underground has to offer as the company offers a mix of veteran names and some up and coming stars from the worlds of American and Mexican wrestling. If you want to talk about veteran names of the industry that currently work their craft in Lucha Underground then you need look no further than former WWE stars Alberto El Patron, formerly known as Alberto Del Rio, Johnny Mundo, formerly known to WWE fans as John Morrison, and Chavo Guerrero Jr. You also have former Impact Wrestling talent Hernandez, who worked as one half of the Latin American Exchange, as well as established independent wrestling stars including the amazingly talented Jeff Cobb, Willie Mack, Son of Havoc (who was formerly known on the US independent scene as M-Dogg 20), Prince Puma, El Mariachi Loco, and Brian Cage. If you haven't heard of some of these names then I urge you to check out the companies show on the El Ray Network on Wednesday's at 8PM EST, or check out the companies Youtube channel to see what all the hype is about.


When it comes to commentary the Lucha Underground product features two very unique vocal talents that while you may not have ever envisaged them together they work exceptionally well. The two men in question are former WWE talent and commentator Matt Striker, and former WCW and Mexican wrestling legend Vampiro. Two very different men with two very different styles that work so well together. I'm a huge fan of Striker's style because he always seems to have some kind of interesting story or fact about almost any move or wrestler he sees. Having him and Vampiro paired together is a stroke of genius because who better to call the action for your product than two men who have wrestled all over the world and have an incredible wealth of knowledge between them to make the product credible. While Vampiro has received some criticism for his style at the commentary desk I feel him and Striker do work well together and could become a solid two man team. I wouldn't mind the addition of a third man to the table, a good friend of mine who currently works as one of the announcers on Juggalo Championship Wrestling, and a man you can catch each week through his weekly podcast, I'm talking about Kevin Gill. KG would bring a whole different dimension to the commentary table and his unique style and delivery would make the show even more of a must see show.

What truly sets Lucha Underground apart from other competitors in the wrestling world is simply the quality of matches the company puts on. I watched the Trios championship Ladder Match from this past week's episode of the show and I was blown away by the amazing moves the six guys involved in Angelico, Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, and The Crew were hitting the whole match. There are five other quality matches in Lucha Underground, among many others that I recommend you check out. There was a thrilling mixed tag team match between the teams of Sexy Star and Fenix against Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Pentagon Jr. There is also the thrilling singles match between King Cuerno and Drago, as well as a great triple threat match featuring lots of unique and innovative high flying action between Fenix, Pentagon Jr. and Drago. There is also a great triple threat ladder match between Johnny Mundo, Big Ryck, and Prince Puma that I recommend you check out for some fantastic ladder spots. But my number one match I recommend you check out took place on the 29th October 2014 edition of the show as Johnny Mundo faced off against Prince Puma, which was seen by most fans as Mundo's first televised match since leaving the WWE. The match itself has to be seen to be believed and really was a great way to introduce Lucha Underground to the wrestling world.


If you want to learn more about Lucha Underground then there are a couple of sites I would encourage you to check out. Firstly you can check out episodes and roster information on the El Ray Network website, as well as looking for content on the companies Youtube channel, and finally give the company a follow on Facebook to get the latest news and information on all things Lucha Underground.

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