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As One Legend Dies, Two More Are Born - My Wrestlemania 30 Reaction

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If there is one thing that can be said about Wrestlemania 30 it is this; we were all taken on an emotional roller coaster. In what could be described as one of the most memorable Wrestlemania in years we saw the rise of Bray Wyatt to a new level, one of the most shocking moments in WWE and Wrestlemania history when the Streak was ended, followed by a genuine moment when Daniel Bryan finally got his moment and won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and for me finally became the face of WWE. The card top to bottom was excellent, perhaps minus the Divas match but even that was good for their standard, but the three matches above are the ones I want to really focus on in this piece.

I'm going to start with the proverbial elephant in the room and that is the end of the Streak. Last night we saw Brock Lesnar do the unthinkable in the eyes of many in the WWE Universe and defeat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. While I've had about 4 hours sleep to digest what happened I am still in shock. Not so much at the fact that Undertaker lost, because I always had a thought it could happen, it's more the way it was booked and the man who broke the streak. I have nothing against Brock Lesnar, but if that was truly the last match for the Undertaker then I feel genuinely disappointed by the way he went down. I get that this is the way Taker wanted it to end, with his friend being the one to do it, but wheres the pay off for Lesnar in all this> What does he genuinely gain from being the one to end the Streak? For me, nothing. He can add it to his list of achievements, and this is a huge one, but if the Streak was going it should have either gone to CM Punk last year, or a rising star like Bray Wyatt in another year or two.

Yes I'm making the assumption Undertaker could go on that long, and by the sounds and looks of it he perhaps may not make another one, but you could tell by the crowd reaction last night that is not what that expected. And strangely that is what may make this one of the most memorable Wrestlemania moments of all time. I have never heard an arena react that way last night. The look of the fans shwon on camera was utter shock and disbelief. There was a lot of negativity about what happened, and I understand why, but lets sit back and just take in what we witnessed for a moment. We just saw the Undertaker not only bow out but we saw a genuine moment, because you could tell no one (Aside from our fellow writer Matt Kunka at least) expected to see what happened and no one knew what to do, whether to laugh, cry, or chant. I read this morning that Undertaker is at a hospital with a possible concussion and I hope he is genuinely alright. Last night showed Undertaker doesn't have much left in the tank and he may be pushing it at one more match, but I hope our lasting memory of his legacy isn't the loss to Lesnar. The good thing is he did get a more than deserving tribute from everyone in the arena when he walked out standing tall, defeated but not without dignity. It could potentially turn out to be one of the most emotional Raw's in memory tonight if Undertaker comes to say goodbye. While he may want to end it this way and I would accept that, there's a selfish part of me that wants the lights to go out as he is about to say goodbye and when the lights come back, there is Sting to challenge Taker to one last match, the one the fans want to see.

Before that match we saw an absolute classic between Bray Wyatt and John Cena. If you want to watch a ring psychologist at work then watch Bray Wyatt in this match because he had the crowd eating out of his hand and proved without a shadow of a doubt for me that the next big star in WWE was born. I saw a lot of negativity about the outcome of this match with John Cena winning but as I believe I quite rightly pointed out, who's performance will you remember more from this match, Wyatt or Cena? There is no denying John Cena performed just as well Wyatt did in this one as you need two men to have a great match. This match wasn't ever about the outcome as Wyatt didn't need to win to make himself a star, he just needed to go out and give the performance of his life, and he hit that one out of the park. Bray Wyatt elevated his stock big style in this one and I strongly believe that in 12 months time we are going to see him in the main event. He truly proved last night he can hold his own with the big boys and while people are focusing on the fact it was "typical Cena" I think they need to look harder and see just what Bray Wyatt achieved last night.

There was an aggressive edge to Cena in this match which made this something different for me. While he doesn't have overall character progression because he didn't turn heel or anything major he showed a side to himself that we rarely get to see nowadays, he was aggressive and showed how he struggled to hold back that side of him, and that if he needs to call on that side of his character then it's there. Bray was simply flawless from start to finish. He worked Cena and that crowd so well. When he popped up into that spider like crawl when Cena first went for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, not only did I jump because I didn't expect it, I saw a brilliant piece of thinking on his part. Simple little things like this and giving John Cena the chair, begging him to hit Wyatt over the head, there were so many little things Bray Wyatt did in this match that some may not appreciate or have seen that make this match worth a second watch. Yes John Cena won the match on paper, but for me base don his performance the real winner here was Bray Wyatt.

The night came to an end with the moment that so many in the WWE Universe have been crying out for. We finally saw Daniel Bryan achieve his dream and win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. I've touched on this a few times in articles and in my predictions on Wrestling News World that what we saw at Summerslam from the Pedigree to Bryan by Triple H onward would come full circle and that Bryan would have his moment, and he didn't disappoint. I think after what happened with Undertaker the crowd seemed very much deflated but Bryan was able to raise their spirits throughout the match, and the match saw several spots that really made you question if this was Bryan's night. Bryan took some serious bumps all night long, even in his first match with Triple H, but the power bomb into the RKO On the announce table had to be the most memorable. I hope Bryan doesn't continue taking such big risks going forward because that's not what he needs to be doing. Everyone involved in this match worked so hard to make it memorable and it truly was for all the right reasons.

I have to confess, and I'm not ashamed to admit it, I cried when Daniel Bryan won the Championship. Yes, a grown man actually cried at the outcome of a wrestling match. Even now as I let my son watch it (Even he is made up Bryan won) I have tears in my eyes watching him celebrate. But do you know why I cried? Because for the first time probably since the CM Punk angle when he left WWE with the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank 2011 I was actually emotionally invested in this angle. And that is exactly what made it not only a great moment but a great piece of booking from start to finish by WWE. We have all been so critical of WWE, myself included, for not putting the championship on Bryan sooner but this moment was worth all that anguish, all that frustration, all the waiting. I expect I wasn't the only one who cried, and even Daniel Bryan finally broke down when he celebrated in the middle of the ring. I would have loved to see Brie Bella come out and celebrate with him but unfortunately for whatever reason she was told not to go out there. There is no denying that this match finally saw the acceptance that Daniel Bryan right now for me is 'the guy' to carry WWE for the next ten years. Seeing the 75,000+ plus at the end of the match all chanting Yes! with Bryan as he celebrated the win was beyond words and I am so made up for Bryan. If anyone truly deserved this feel good moment it was Bryan and from this I feel he has finally become the face of WWE.

Wrestlemania 30 will be remembered for so many reasons but the ones above will always be the sand out moments. We saw the birth of Bray Wyatt as a legitimate star in this industry, we saw genuine shock and disbelief when the Streak was ended, but most of all we experienced joy, happiness, and in some case tears, with the beginning of a new era with Daniel Bryan as the face of WWE. Tonight's Raw will hopefully be another unforgettable night for everyone concerned and I cannot wait to see what happens. I want to end this piece with three things. Firstly, thank you Undertaker. If this truly was your last hurrah then you have more than earned your place in WWE history as one of the greatest performers of all time and you will always have my utmost respect. Secondly, Bray Wyatt; keep up your momentum because you are seriously going to be something huge in this business. Your a true talent and deserve all the good things that will come to you. And finally to Daniel Bryan. You earned your moment last night. You never gave up despite all the obstacles you had to overcome and without a doubt last night was an honor to share with you and experience. Congratulations Daniel, I think last night you finally became the very deserving face of WWE.

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