Paige Leaving WWE?, Backlash Match Outcomes, Punk On Lesnar's Drug Test Failures


- As we reported exclusively here in our Members content, WWE will be announcing the release of Alberto Del Rio soon. It’s interesting to note that Paige could end up departing as well as she’s on bad terms with the company right now. In addition to Del Rio and Paige being suspended together, as we noted here via Mister Saint Laurent of, WWE had approached Paige about ending her relationship with Alberto Del Rio. WWE obviously denies this to be the case but this obviously has the potential to get messy. From what we’ve been told, Triple H felt Del Rio was a bad influence on Paige and tried to put separation between them by splitting them in the 2016 WWE Draft. But it looks like things got even more personal and Dave Meltzer ( has reported Paige has retained legal representation.

- Creative plans are always changing but there are some interesting developments in regards to projected outcomes for matches at WWE Backlash on Sunday. The latest odds have AJ Styles favored to beat Dean Ambrose, Nikki Bella winning the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship, Rhyno & Heath Slater winning the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship, Randy Orton beating Bray Wyatt and The Miz beating Dolph Ziggler. We’ll continue to track the odds as have a clearer picture Sunday afternoon/evening.

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- Steven Muehlhausen of was at CM Punk for media day last week and sent us a quote where Punk gave his thoughts on Brock Lesnar failing drug tests for his UFC 200 fight. Here’s what Punk said: "I think it sucks," Punk told Fightful during his UFC 203 Media Day. "I do. I get tested by USADA all the time and I’m the drug free kid and I still get nervous (laughs). It’s like when you are driving on the highway and the cop’s behind you and you’re like, “Oh I wasn’t speeding and my taillights aren’t out”. Steven’s article is online at this link.

- We posted Smackdown viewership earlier but it’s worth noting the audience of 2,454,000 viewers is the lowest since Smackdown’s live move to Tuesday nights.

- Stephanie McMahon’s memoir will not be released next month as scheduled as the release has been pushed back to 2017 as Stephanie has said she has more to share.

- While there are reports circulating that WWE talent thought Sasha Banks’s “bad news” promo on Raw was in bad taste, I just heard that everyone knew it was flop as soon as it aired. I don’t know if people were offended or if it was just obviously bad television.

- Shelton Benjamin, who had his offer to return to WWE rescinded when he failed the physical due to a torn rotator cuff, recently underwent surgery to repair the injury. He’s at home and resting and will work to rehabilitate it. The injury voided WWE’s offer to him.

- WWE has announced the signing of seven new recruits from China including Big Boa, Gu Guangming, Gao Lei, Zhao Xia, Wang Xiaolong, Yifeng and Cheng Yuxiang. Dot com has complete details available at this link.

- ESPN quoted Seth Rollins, Ryback, Paul Heyman and others about CM Punk making his UFC this weekend at UFC 203. Ryback said while he doesn’t condone the comments Punk made about him, he wants him to do well. Rollins admitted that Punk paved the way for himself, Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, Dean Ambrose and other indie guys. You can read the piece at this link.

- Zack Sabre, Jr. will face Gran Metalik and TJ Perkins will face Kota Ibushi in semi-finals matches of the WWE Cruiserweight Classic. The live special will air two hours next Wednesday from the campus of Full Sail University on the WWE Network.

- In a Facebook live video, TNA President Billy Corgan confirmed he is the head of the TNA creative team and is attempting to purchase the company. Billy stated it’s been a complicated process that has definitely been a challenge. The TNA writing team is comprised of Corgan, Madison Rayne, ”Big” John Gaburick, David Lagana and Matt Conway.

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