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Partial Taping Results For July 1, 2015 Impact Wrestling

The following article contains spoiler information. Due to the fact the material in this post will spoil upcoming programming, we have removed the excerpt so you must click the link to view the story contents.
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TNA taped part of the July 1, 2015 episode of Impact Wrestling on Wednesday night from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Scott Brooks was in attendance and filed the following report:

Partial Impact Spoilers 7/1/15

Magnus came to the ring and took a microphone. He said to refresh the fans he thinks Storm is a slimy son of a bitch. He is sorry that Storm's parents did not love him, he is sorry that Storm came after his family, and that the strongest force is a man protecting his family. Magnus said all Storm did was make them stronger than ever as a family. He introduced Mickie James and she entered the ring. Mickie said it is good to be back and thanked the fans for their support. She specifically thanks Magnus for standing by her side and believing in her and proving that he is the man for her. She said real love is standing beside the person they love and not tricking someone into thinking or believing someone they are not. She goes to address James Storm's music hits and he and Khoya come to the ramp. Storm said it is great to see her moving around. She should be thanking Storm. If Storm had pushed Mickie a bit harder, just imagine the life she would have had potentially in a wheelchair. He said these people love her and cheer for her because they are just like her: gutless, pathetic, and just like her as a mother, they are worthless. Storm did not want her in the Revolution, he just wanted to show how easy it is to manipulate a woman. He can have any woman he wants and he said in the Revolution, there is always room for one more. Mickie calls his bluff and says that Storm wishes he was half the man Magnus was and he is trying to make up for everything that he does not have in life. Mickie says to find that one woman and commends Storm for not only bringing out the crazy in Mickie James again, but allowing her to give the fans one more match and promises that she and Magnus will whoop the both of them

Off camera, Magnus said the match will happen tonight.

Match 1) For the TNA Knockout's Championship, Taryn Terrell retained over Awesome Kong and Brooke when Jade got involved and hit Kong, setting up Taryn to hit the Ace Crusher and pin Kong.

After the match, the promos they have been airing about playtime being over aired and Gail Kim made a brief appearance on the ramp after the lights went out before disappearing, frightening The Dollhouse.

Match 2) In a 4-on-3 handicap elimination match, The BDC defeated The Rising.

- Low Ki eliminated Micah via an assisted Tidal Wave with Kenny King.

- Eli Drake had to be helped out after doing a springboard splash to the outside and appearing to get hurt, needing help to the back.

- Drew eliminated Low Ki and Kenny King back to back after miscommunication between them.

- MVP pinned Drew with The Drive-By, leaving MVP and Hernandez as the sole survivors.

Match 3) Magnus and Mickie James defeated James Storm and Serena Deeb when Mickie hit the Mickie-DT on Serena. - Khoya ran out and accidentally hit Storm.

After the match, Mickie laid out Storm with the Mickie-DT and they posed for the fans.

Match #5 in The Wolves/Dirty Heels series and EC3/Kurt Angle will be taped during the course of the tapings on June 25th, 2015 at Universal Orlando.

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