Paul Heyman the Greatest Talker Ever?


It has never been arguable whether Paul Heyman is the greatest talker ever in wrestling. He can even be considered as the greatest manager of all time putting him on par with Bobby Heenan. When it comes for someone to lift the mic in his hands in the wrestling ring and sell you a spectacle, it can’t get much better than Heyman. He is the only manager that has deserved a DVD.

Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar

Heyman far exceeds his colleagues in his natural ability for storytelling. He does that in a complex, yet accessible manner and manages to highlight and enhance the value of those involved in the story. He is so good he can sell binoculars to a blind man. Was there any time when Heyman didn’t give a stellar promo?

Without him, all will probably fall apart. Lesnar would never be capable to deliver the effect himself, and probably no other can help him as Hayman can. If it wasn’t for Heyman, Lesnar’s losses that he suffered early after his return could have easily diminished the interest in him, but fortunately Heyman is there to paint the bigger picture and now these losses are just smaller parts of that much bigger picture.

He is able to take an event and turn into one of the biggest spectacles, like the Brock-Cena I event, which he used to create the perfect context for the second event, promising how much more brutal and completely different it will be than the first one. And, he was only describing Lesnar’s massacre and what a killing machine he is. He used his storytelling abilities to offer a mere prelude for Lesnar’s return to be the undisputed wrestler.

He made Lesnar’s return one of the biggest stories of the year. The hype he created helped Lesnar come closer to the throne which he once had. This has been very beneficial for Lesnar, a wrestler that has always lacked charismatic mic skills despite all of his ability, strength and star power. Furthermore, Lesnar has never been quite the promo powerhouse as other top WWE wrestlers.

Heyman on the other hand has always been the puppet master, playing the crowd and encouraging them to chant ever louder. When he has the mic in his hands he has the ability to take away the fans’ chanting power by making them mighty quiet after telling them a story.

Paul Heyman DVD

He is so good at what he does because he represents the most basic elements of the drama surrounding pro wrestling. He takes it to its purest form. He can bring logic and emotion to everything he says, and he dares the fans to somehow find a way to challenge him on any of his points or even disagree with

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Heyman has made one of the best impacts on the WWE and is now one of the best talkers in the business today and one of the most controversial figures that the business has ever seen. But, at the end of the day, he is just one great guy that knows how to cut a great promo.There probably hasn’t been a moment when his TV appearance didn’t make an impact. Every time he speaks he is able to garner the immediate attention. Moreover, with every smile of his you know he is aware that all eyes are on him. He thrives on it and he is not faking it at all.

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