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Welcome once again to another edition of the Podcast Corner, right here on Wrestling News World (You heard Mick Foley's voice in your head when you read that. Don't deny it!) Today I'm joined by someone that I hope many of our readers will remember, as he used to be a writer here on Wrestling News World and on WWENews.Net, where he launched his own Youtube video blog called the 'Countdown 550'. He's now left the writing world to pursue a career as a professional wrestler and is currently training under WWE and ECW legend Lance Storm at the Storm Wrestling Academy in Calgary, Canada. My guest today is Adam Wacker, who now goes by the wrestling name of Adam Deckrion. We cover all kinds of topics including being a student under Lance, a hilarious story about a gimmick WWE once pitched to Lance, Adam's ambitions and what he intends to do after he finishes his training under Lance, WWE, his wrestling memories and more. You can check out the podcast below on Soundcloud by downloading or streaming the audio, via Youtube in video or via any of the usual channels at the bottom of the page.

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I want to thank Adam for taking the time to record this chat with me. I had a blast recording it and it was great to catch up with one of our former fellow writers as he makes his journey into the world of pro wrestling under one of the best teachers in the industry today. If you want to send hit up Adam on Facebook or Twitter then the links to his pages are below.

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