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Welcome once again to another edition of the Podcast Corner on Wrestling News World. Last week was a huge week for me personally as the podcast surpassed the 1000 listeners mark. It might not seem a lot to many but to me it's a huge achievement and wasn't something I envisaged would happen so soon after me launching it. I want to thank each and every guest I have had on so far for giving me their time to talk about them and their careers. I also want to thank each and every listener, whether you're a first time or repeat listener your support means the world and it blows my mind that you have taken an hour or so out of your day to listen to me. Whether you loved it or hated it, I simply want to say thank you and I hope you'll remain a listener going forward.

This weeks interview is with a man who is simply one of the most talented wrestlers on the west coast of the United States. He's a champion for three of the major promotions out there and is also a part of Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling roster, where in his first night on the brand he got to wrestle Shelton Benjamin. We talk about this mans career, his dreams, his inspirations, his aspirations, his WWE try out, the current WWE product and so much more. My guest this week is JR Kratos.

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I want to thank Kratos for taking the time to record this chat with me. I had a great time recording it and it was great to talk with one of the biggest up and coming names on the independent wrestling scene today. If you want to hit up Kratos on Facebook or Twitter then the links to his pages are below.

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