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Podcast Corner: A Sit Down Interview With The Rude Boy

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Hello once again WNW and WWENews.Net readers and welcome to another exclusive edition of the Podcast Corner. This is now interview number five, which while it may not seem a lot it is five more episodes than I ever thought I would manage to get to. If you want to hear my other interviews with Kevin Gill, Liam Lazarus, Ricky Knight, and Nathan Cruz, then you can check them out now via Soundcloud, where you can stream episodes or download them to listen when you are on the move, at the gym, driving to work, or anywhere you like!

This week I sit down with my fellow Juggalo homie and legend, The Rude Boy to talk about his wrestling career, his introduction to the world of wrestling, his own promotion running out of Detroit called International Bigtime Wrestling, Juggalo Championship Wrestling, the Gathering of the Juggalos, WWE, the Hulk Hogan situation and so much more. To listen to the interview please use one of the links below to stream or download to listen at your leisure.


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Please let me know your thoughts on the interview, what you would like to hear differently, what I am doing well, what I could do better, comments on future guests you would like to hear me try and talk to, or if you are just wanting to leave your thoughts then please do so in the comments section below.

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