Podcast Corner: A Sit Down With Kevin Gill - Part 2

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Hey everybody and welcome back to my little Podcast Corner. Can you believe this is technically episode 2 of the show already? I released part pone on Monday and want to thank everyone so far for their positive words, support, and for sharing the piece on social media. If you haven't heard part one of my exclusive interview with KG Kevin Gill, then please check it out here before you listen to us chop it up in part 2 of this hour and a half total interview where we talk KG's past, his early wrestling memories, ECW, and of course WWE!

In part 2 of this fun and revealing interview KG and I talk about Juggalo Championship Wrestling, the upcoming Bloodymania 9 show due to be held at this years Gathering of the Juggalos on 25th July, we talk about JCW as a product, why JCW is different to what many in the wrestling community perceive, we play a little game of word/name association, and we end with a few upcoming appearances and plugs. What are you waiting for? Check out part 2 of the interview below!


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For those of you who want to hit up KG, or any of his social media pages then here are some links for you:

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Kevin Gill Show on Twitter

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