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Podcast Corner: A Sit Down Interview With Dickie Divers, Plus 2016 Episode Previews

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Welcome to another edition of the Podcast Corner here on Wrestling News World. Last week saw me joined by my good friend and work colleague Peter Kimber to talk wrestling. We recorded the episode on our way to the WWE Raw taping in Manchester in November where we talked about the Raw taping and VIP party, the injury issues within WWE, our thoughts on who could become WWE World Heavyweight Champion at the time, how Pete first got into wrestling, Wrestlemania memories, Dusty Rhodes, Mae Young, WWE on Channel 4, Hulk Hogan, Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, the issues around the WWE booking philosophy, Kay Lee Ray being on WWE NXT, the rise of British Wrestling, who could be the next big thing in WWE, botching wrestling moves, the idea of an offseason in wrestling, Chris Benoit, working through injuries, the age old sports entertainment or wrestling debate, NXT, the Divas Revolution, the future ownership of WWE and more! If you haven't already heard this interview, then click here to check it out.

This week sees the release of my interview with Insane Champions Wrestling's Dickie Divers. In this interview we talk about how he got into the world of wrestling, his wrestling memories, getting into the world of ICW, being a part of the first ever ICW Tag Team Champions as part of the STI with William Grange, winning and losing the square go briefcase, what's been keeping him out of action and more! You also get to hear preview clips of upcoming interviews in January 2016 featuring New Generation Wrestling owner Rich Dunn, and with Insane Championship Wrestling star and New Age Kliq leader Chris Renfrew.

You can check out the latest episode of my podcast below on Soundcloud by downloading or streaming the audio or via any of the usual channels at the bottom of the page.

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Next week sees the release of a special compilation of clips from some of my favourite interviews during 2015 which features clips from interviews with my homie KG Kevin Gill, father of WWE Diva Paige Ricky Knight, Liam Lazarus, my brother from another mother The Rude Boy, Nathan Cruz, Matt Myers, JR Kratos, Jeff Cobb, and WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santana. Look out for this special episode dropping next Monday.

Thanks again for listening and I hope you all have a merry Christmas, happy holidays, or if you don't celebrate Christmas then have a happy December 25th!

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