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Podcast Corner: A Sit Down Interview With Stevie Boy – Part Two

Welcome to the latest edition of the Podcast Corner here on Wrestling News World. Last week saw the release of part one of my two part interview with Insane Championship Wrestling favourite and member of the New Age Kliq, Stevie Boy to talk about his wrestling career, life, getting into wrestling and ICW, the Bucky Boys, winning championships and his match with Davey Boy at Fear and Loathing 8 and more! If you haven't already heard it then head on over to my Soundcloud page to check it out.

As you have probably already worked out today sees the release of part two of the interview with Stevie where we talk about talk about the New Age Kliq, Insane Championship Wrestling, Kay Lee Ray, NXT, WWE, the future for Stevie Boy and more!


You can check out the latest episode of my podcast below on Soundcloud by downloading or streaming the audio or via any of the usual channels at the bottom of the page.

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Next week the Insane Championship Wrestling theme continues as I release part one of another two part interview. This time I'll be talking to ICW ring announcer Simon Cassidy about getting into the crazy world of ring announcing, wrestling, ICW and more. Look out for that interview dropping next Monday. It's one you won't want to miss out on.

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