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Welcome back once again fellow WNW readers and welcome to another edition of my podcast, the Podcast Corner. Today I mix it up a little bit and talk to my best friend Robert Gibbons. We recorded this on his stag night around 2 weeks ago before we went out and hit the town for a very long night of drinking and we talked about all kinds of wrestling memories including our first memories of wrestling, our favourite matches, Rob's brief time as a wrestler that I knew nothing about until that day, Hulk Hogan, our favourite characters, video and toy collections, the NWO and JWO, interviewing wrestlers that we grew up watching, our plans for the night and much more! You can check out the podcast below on Soundcloud or via any of the usual channels at the bottom of the page.

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I want to thank Rob for taking the time to record this chat with me. I had a blast doing it and it was great to just let loose and not do something too serious. If you want to send Rob a friend request on Facebook then the link to do that is below.

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You can also check me out on Social Media, Audio, and a link to my previous work below.

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