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Points of Discussion From Raw Supershow - Hunter Fears Gray, Cole Say What?, I've CenaNUFF, Khali Wow, The Document Mason Ryan Didn't Read

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I have some random observations and points of discussion I wanted to expound upon this morning. I like writing in list format, so enjoy this:

* Goodbye signs
Ryan Gray was in attendance at last night's Raw Supershow from the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri. He and one of his friends brought signs referencing this website and they were confiscated almost immediately. Triple H looked right at two of the signs, one with bold "WNW" letters and another with "Hunter Fears Gray." If you missed the signs you can still view them at this link. Ryan told me the producer was polite but a WWE cameraman cursed at him over the signs and Hunter seemed irritated they made it on the air. Ryan noted event staff was exceptionally rude over people standing. In all honesty, I didn't expect the signs to last and warned Ryan to keep them down until Triple H came out. It just so happened that Hunter opened the show.

* Michael Cole say what?
Michael Cole's description of Jerry Lawler's injury was one of the most random things I have ever heard on WWE television. The reactions of Booker T and Jim Ross were hilarious. JR just shook his head while Booker responded with a stern "What?!?" I'd like to sit here and tell you Cole's comment was foul and uncalled for but I'd be lying if I told you I didn't fall out of my chair laughing. I had to rewind my DVR as soon as he said it to make sure I heard what I thought I heard. I did.

* I've CenaNUFF
It's my goal as a pro wrestling journalist to try and remain as objective as possible but I am not afraid to speak my mind when I feel it's warranted. The promo work of John Cena last night needs to be slammed. The entire "I'm champion and I'm going to be champion after Sunday" promo has been seen 100 million times and is stale, boring, overdone and so dried up it almost seems like a joke. I don't care what the reasoning was to put the title back on John Cena, they've got to come up with something different. At this point I am not only criticizing WWE creative but I am pointing my finger directly at Cena. It's almost like he just "goes through the motions" with his work.

* Khali wow
I have a hard time talking bad about someone trying to do their job to earn a living but the work of The Great Khali never ceases to amaze me about bad it is. Last night WWE sent Khali out to take the World's Strongest Slam from Mark Henry after a cheap shot with the World Title belt. Simple enough, right? Take a belt shot then help him hit his finisher. Khali completely no-sold the belt shot, making it look like the ring canvas monster came out and tripped him while he was going into convulsions. It looked terrible and WWE had to replay it to sell the World's Strongest Slam.

* Mason Ryan forgot to read this.
Mason Ryan looked jacked on last night's show but he clearly looked chemically-enhanced. When a worker shows up looking like that my question is - who do they think they are fooling? The funniest comment of the night came from one of my Facebook friends, Casey Gross. Gross wrote the following regarding Mason Ryan, "Thing is, even if he was in my face threatening to beat me, I'd still be laughing at his hair." Mason did have a new hair-do.

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