Post Production Hurting TNA

Impact Wrestling 2015

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the TNA Maximum Impact tour London tapings at Wembley arena and I can safely say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Granted over three hours is a tad long to be sat there watching wrestling but the action ranged from good to excellent and Jeremy Borash along with So Cal Val did their best to keep fans entertained during the mini intervals. Unfortunately the lasting impression coming away from these tapings wasn't any of the matches I had just seen or any of the wrestlers I had just met but the thought that TNA are far better live than any episode of Impact. Indeed I came away dreading what TNA will do to those tapings in post production and this week's Impact confirmed those fears.

Now TNA have long been praised for their live shows but since the move to Destination America it has become clear that TNA are making an absolute mess of Impact with all the post production add ons, many of which seem unnecessary. This week's Impact was the first of the UK taping's which took place in Glasgow and while there was a reported 1500+ in attendance you would never have guessed it from watching the show. Once again the audience was darkened and the top tiers, assuming people were sat there, were not visible at all. Why would you deliberately not make the crowd visible to the TV audience? I understand TNA want to put more lighting and emphasis on the ring but to not show one of your more bigger crowds just doesn't make sense.

Still at least those in attendance were up for the show with loud chants and yet TNA still found a way to lessen the effect of that. The fans at the Manhattan Center didn't seem to pop for any wrestler over the last few weeks but this was not the case in Glasgow as both Kurt Angle and Austin Aries seemed to receive good reactions. I say seemed because on both occasions TNA went to the split screen so that we could see Taz and Josh Matthews talking from the broom cupboard which I can only guess is the gateway to Narnia. So at long last TNA have their stars getting the reactions they should but the promotion feels it's more important to show and hear the commentators and what happened last week instead of the crowds pop. Could you imagine how bad it would have looked when Triple H returned at MSG in 2002 if we could see JR and the King on a split screen with JR rabbiting on about the previous week and then WWE to show us a clip of the previous weeks events? No I am not comparing the size of the pops but the reaction Angle got was still one of the loudest TNA have received this year and they ruined it.

That wasn't even the worst part of the post production gaffs this week as during the main event Josh Mathews piped up with, "After Kurt Angle stepped down as director of operations his first match back as an active roster member was against Samoa Joe." No it wasn't! His first match was a street fight against MVP which Josh Matthews commentated on. I appreciate he hasn't taken the time to learn TNA's history but surely he can remember what he has watched and spoken on? Also why did no one else point this mistake out to him? Surely John Gaburick or Jeremy Borash must listen to what Taz and Josh say before it goes out? Could they not have pointed it out to Josh and told him to redo it or do they equally not care or is Josh untouchable as he once worked for WWE? No matter what the reason it was a silly mistake which shouldn't be happening with the system TNA are using to get Impact out.

Remember this is just one week's show it's not covering the other stuff we have seen over the past few weeks such as workers complaining it's cold backstage, pointless clips of messy dressing rooms, Taz and Josh continually making mistakes or that TNA actually showed their world title being picked out of a trash can on the floor. Don't get me wrong I get that TNA are trying to be different and as they said pull the curtain back but the reality is that what are decent TV taping's, the one I went to was very good, are being destroyed but pointless post production stuff being added on and stupid mistakes within those add on's not being rectified.

Like most TNA fans I was optimistic about TNA debuting on Destination America but the reality is that they are not going to progress under this format. There is simply just too many holes in what they are producing and while some would say that fans shouldn't remember everything the point is that if TNA don't care enough about their own history then why should fans? As for the pops being ruined by post production in wrestling perception is reality and if TNA aren't showing their stars get star reactions then they will cease to be looked upon as stars and if TNA have no stars then why would anyone watch?

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