Major WWE Creative Shakeup - Heyman & Colter Consulted?, Backstage Heat On Top WWE Star, ECW Original Open To WWE Return, Roman Reigns A Top Star, Daniel Bryan Injured, Sting Sees The End, TNA Turns 11

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Issue #16, Thursday, June 20, 2013

Good Thursday afternoon everyone! We've been working on some very important stories this week and have included them here for your reading enjoyment. Don't forget we're now mailing this as all you have to do to get it sent directly to you is to subscribe at this link.

WWE News

- We got an unconfirmed tip that Vince McMahon consulted both Zeb Colter and Paul Heyman backstage at this week's Monday Night Raw about the writing of the show. The tipster emphasized the lack of consultation from Stephanie McMahon. Speaking of which, WWE continues to incorporate real-life elements into their programming. Stephanie's bit where she corrected Kaitlyn in front of the Divas for interrupting her [on Monday Night Raw] was based on a real-life incident. I will work to confirm this tip but it doesn't sound far fetched. There are known problems within the writing department and Heyman has been consulted before. Colter's stock is very high and he has a writing background as he scripted many segments for TNA earlier in the 2000s.

- David Kreizman is leaving the WWE creative team this week after only a three month stint as the company's head writer. While we haven't heard details surrounding his departure, Kreizman boasts a strong resume where he co-wrote several well known soap operas including Guiding Light, General Hospital, As the World Turns and All My Children. He took the WWE job weeks before Wrestlemania 29 on March 21, 2013.

- We're told there is still some heat on Ryback for his promo on Raw last month where he proclaimed that he was going to take the entire audience to the morgue with John Cena, not to mention he lost face backstage when he tried to criticize Daniel Bryan after their match on the June 3rd episode. WWE was planning on another Cena vs. Ryback title match at Money in the Bank at one point but when Vince McMahon started to sour on Ryback, it gave Mark Henry leverage. We're under the impression there was a deal struck for Henry to headline the pay-per-view against Cena when we broke the news of his rib cartilage injury last week. However, Henry continued to kayfabe even his closest friends about his return angle. As for the retirement stuff, everyone knew it was nonsense and figured he had to be coming back in a prominent spot if he'd agreed to come back, but he was careful to not discuss what his angle was, even with close friends.

- Wrestling News World reader Josh sent word that Dean Ambrose is advertised to defend the WWE United States Championship against Sheamus in Australia later this summer.

- This week's Smackdown taping was poorly attended from Wright State University's Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio. The company wasn't pleased with the paid attendance but we do not have the numbers as of press time.

- According to a report being attributed to Dave Meltzer and company, CM Punk has been trying to get Colt Cabana on as a color commentator in WWE. Cabana has reportedly had two tryouts.

- is reporting that The Rock sold his mansion in Miami, California for $3,000,000. He recently sold his Beverly Hills estate in California for a $4.9 million, which came with a private barber shop and a spa.

- We've had some questions from readers wondering about Adam Green's lawsuit against WWE and The Big Show. Green is fighting WWE's petition that moved the lawsuit from Arizona State Court to federal court as he wants it tried in Arizona, where the alleged incident(s) took place. His motion was filed on June 10, 2013. All nineteen counts of the pending litigation are available here on

- The USA Today has a story online regarding former San Diego Chargers team physician David Chao, who has performed several operations on Rey Mysterio. The Chargers announced last week Chao was quitting to spend more time with his family and to nurse his ailing back. According to their report, two San Diego hospitals decided not to allow him to perform surgeries there any more. They go on to report on malpractice and report former patients accused Chao of "maiming" them during surgeries or negligence.

- Tommy Dreamer told Ring Rust Radio that if WWE offered him a part-time deal to return to the company he would say no because he'd want to return full-time. He said there are a lot of guys that he would like to work with and he would be interested in returning full-time.

- Rey Mysterio is having a minor procedure performed on Thursday. He noted on Twitter the procedure will be performed by Dr. James Andrews in Pensacola, Florida.

- Roman Reigns was on 4th & Pain with Washington Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll. In it, he said he wanted to be the "absolute top guy" in WWE.

- Daniel Bryan was legitimately injured during his match against Randy Orton on this week's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, according to Bryan Alvarez and the crew over at Wrestling Observer. Apparently the physician coming to ringside and the match being thrown was not a work as originally thought. According to their report, Bryan was originally scheduled to go over but the referee stopped the bout due to a legitimate injury. The injury was later revealed as a stinger. This makes a lot more sense given the questionable outcome. It also explains Bryan's status for Smackdown being questioned and later cleared while WWE was still on the air. The backstage bit where Bryan argued with Triple H over stopping the match was reportedly WWE booking on-the-fly.

- CM Punk's babyface turn wasn't decided upon until last week. We're told Punk really wanted to wait until closer to SummerSlam but the penciled in match for the show is to do Brock Lesnar vs. Punk.

TNA News

- King Mo was successful in his MMA fight on Bellator XCVI on Wednesday night. Mo knocked out Seth Petruzelli at the 1:35 mark of the first round.

- Muscle and Fitness has a new interview online with Sting to promote his co-starring role in "Revelation Road" (now on DVD). In it, he's asked how much longer he wants to stay in the ring at 54 years old. Here's his answer - "I’ve learned not to give a time. I can’t go on wrestling much longer. I’m taking it, literally, one month at a time. I’m under contract until January of next year, so we’ll see what’s happening. I do want to do more movies. I’m looking at a few different things, reality shows being one of them. I’m just trying to move onto the next season of my life. As far as wrestling goes, I’ve stayed away from the creative part of it all these years, I just don’t want to sit in on the meetings and babysit wrestlers and personalities and all that. But, there are things I’d like to see happen in pro wrestling and I may try to make it materialize. I don’t know."

- TNA Wrestling is 11 years old on June 19, 2013 as the promotion ran their first show on June 19, 2002.

- Mike Weber has departed TNA Wrestling after serving as the company's Vice President of Marketing. Weber has worked in the TNA office since 2008.

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