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CM Punk Return Timetable, Update On Major Injury Scare, WWE's Immaculate New Facility, Big Indy Signing, Why Austin's Not Talking Wrestlemania XXX, More Punishment For Austin Aries, Hogan's Rough Day

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Powerslam Newsletter

Welcome to the Powerslam Newsletter

Issue #3, Sunday, May 26, 2013

Welcome back everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and I want to take a second to remember all of the brave men and women that make our freedom possible.

I'm back with yet another issue of the Powerslam Newsletter. We're now mailing out the newsletter to those interested, as you can have each issue sent straight to your inbox by subscribing at this link. This is our newest feature to WNW Premium and is loaded with news and notes. Have a safe long weekend, we'll be in the office all day on Monday.

WWE News

- The first real timetable for CM Punk's return to WWE came to light in the June 2013 issue of WWE Magazine in a promotional blurb for WWE Payback. We've been reporting that WWE wants him back for the pay-per-view next month but he wanted to wait until later into the summer, if not SummerSlam itself. Punk had a hilarious quote on Twitter Saturday night while watching UFC, Tweeting, "And there you have it. I hate wrestling."

- Bret Hart Appreciation Night takes place after this week's WWE Monday Night Raw in Calgary. The ceremony, if you can call it that, will air immediately after the broadcast goes off the USA Network during the 11 PM EDT hour. The Score in Canada will broadcast it live and WWE will carry it on the WWE App.

- WWE sent Jim Ross to meet with officials from the NFL Players Association last week to discuss the possibility of WWE signing players that do not make NFL teams. WWE points to obvious success stories like The Rock as a reason why size and athleticism mean a lot when building a superstar. We heard the meeting went well but have not heard of any deal that came out of it.

- Roman Reigns was fine following an injury scare at last week's Smackdown taping and was on the live event loop this past weekend.

- Speaking of Reigns, have you wondered how The Shield are paid in regards to merchandising? The trio splits royalties evenly when it comes to merchandise bonuses. All three have separate downsides and show bonuses.

- The WWE Performance Center is coming closer to a reality and is expected to open in just over a month. We're working on a story regarding another delay but the 26,000 square feet facility is being described as immaculate.

- DDP Yoga continues to take the wrestling world by storm. In addition to many WWE workers doing it, we found out this weekend that members of the creative team are following suit. One of the big draws to the exercise program is you don't have to go to the gym, unless you just want too. Chris Jericho is one WWE star that does DDP Yoga and no longer works out in the gym.

- Steve Austin drew attention last week when he said he didn't want to talk about returning to WWE for a match at Wrestlemania XXX next year. This is because Austin working again comes down to his desire and money. Health is an issue but Austin has maintained he could work if he wanted too.

- Samuray Del Sol is close to inking his WWE contract if he hasn't already. Del Sol is a guy the company has targeted for months, telling him in January to get ready for the pre-screening process. There are some pretty ridiculous figures being thrown around as to the amount of his deal but I don't believe them. TNA was interested but he made it clear he would only sign with WWE. WWE is hoping he can help solve their problem with Rey Mysterio's health/age and uncertainty with Sin Cara.

TNA News

- Austin Aries tapping out to Gunner in a match taped for the May 30th episode of Impact Wrestling was seen as punishment for the incident with Christy Hemme a couple weeks ago. The entire situation was really blown out of proportion, with TMZ even getting in on the action by reporting that Aries was hit with a "severe” fine. The weird thing about it was, Hemme Tweeted Aries' actions were "unacceptable" but was completely fine backstage after it happened. Chavo Guerrero was particularly vocal about this on Twitter. I spoke with someone that talked with Aries and he said Christy wasn't even upset when he spoke with her to apologize.

- Hulk Hogan spent Sunday afternoon in the Emergency Room after a radiator exploded in his hand. I have no idea how it happened but Hogan suffered severe blisters that were cut off with a scalpel. Obviously the injury is not serious but painful. One thing Hogan will have to monitor is the risk of infection.

- We're already receiving a lot of questions about the Suicide character in TNA. The only answer I have for you right now is that people were high up on the work of TJ Perkins under the hood on last week's Impact Wrestling.

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