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New Feuds Coming To WWE This Summer, Upcoming NXT Call-Ups, John Cena's Time Off, DX's Return, Roman Reigns A Lot Like The Rock, King Mo Facing Legit Legal Action?, TNA Notes

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Powerslam Newsletter

Welcome to the Powerslam Newsletter

Issue #4, Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day and welcome back to the Powerslam Newsletter. I have no idea how long I can keep this up daily but I was able to put together enough notes on a relatively slow news day to warrant a new issue.

We're now mailing out the newsletter to those interested, as you can have each issue sent straight to your inbox by subscribing at this link. This is our newest feature to WNW Premium and is loaded with news and notes.

WWE News

- Curtis Axel isn't just being thrown into The Highlight Reel with Chris Jericho on this week's WWE Monday Night Raw as we're told WWE has considered doing a program with the two. One of Jericho's big things this time around is to "pay it forward" by helping develop new stars. This was obviously highlighted during the program with Fandango and the reason he worked Ryback over the weekend.

- The much talked about feud between Kane and Daniel Bryan was originally going to be delayed until SummerSlam but we're hearing it's been moved up.

- Triple H is still looking to move new faces to the roster, so expect developmental call-ups as we head into the summer months. Developmental is as stocked as it's ever been and the company continues to add valuable additions.

- John Cena was scheduled to have the holiday weekend off even before the injury scare overseas, however, we're told Vince McMahon knows he can't have both Cena and CM Punk on the shelf at the same time. The loss of Dolph Ziggler was major and a big blow with WWE trying to fill the void at the top of the card.

- Speaking of filling the void at the top of the card, that's exactly why Shawn Michaels was called to work the Canadian loop. Michaels is under a six-figure contract to make appearances just as he did this weekend. HBK was honored on Friday and worked Saturday and Sunday as a member of DeGeneration X.

- Roman Reigns has followed in the footsteps of his cousin The Rock more than one might think. The Shield member was a first-team All-ACC defensive tackle at Georgia Tech in 2006 and had a brief stint in the NFL before heading to Canada. Reigns recently discussed the transition from football to the ring where he explains he weighed 325 pounds when he started in the CFL. He now works in the 265-270 range.

- Speaking of The Rock, Fast & Furious 6 just destroyed the box office over the weekend, beating estimates by $40 million. Projected to do $80 million domestically, the flick raked in $120 million and another $160 million worldwide.

TNA News

- Bellator fighter and TNA cross-over star King Mo made headlines for an indy appearance with FSW’s “Day of Reckoning” in Las Vegas on Saturday night. Mo lives in Vegas and was at the show supporting his friend and fellow TNA star Kenny King. At the end of King's match against Dylan Drake, Mo hopped the guardrail and choked out Drake's manager, Stu Stone. I originally suggested it was all an angle because Mo plugged the video on Twitter but he has since yanked the Tweet. Time will tell if any sort of legal action is actually taken.

- Dixie Carter posted her thoughts on the death of Hector Garza on Twitter - "I'm saddened to hear about the passing of Hector Garza. What a talented guy. Our thoughts & prayers are w/his family. Vaya con Dios mi amigo"

- Hulk Hogan has had a miserable Memorial Day weekend after badly burning his hand in a radiator explosion. He continues to post grotesque photos at

- Alex Barie and Kendra Bunyon are interviewing Magnus live on at 3 PM EDT on Tuesday. If you have a question, you can submit it at this link.

- Many TNA workers and staff members have used the long layoff to take vacations. I can't even get on Instagram without getting extremely jealous. The next scheduled TNA event is the Slammiversary fanfest on Saturday in Boston. The pay-per-view takes place on Sunday night and we'll have exclusive live play-by-play coverage here at

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