Dolph Ziggler's Health, Vince McMahon's Idea To Boost Summer Ratings, New WWE Heel, Orton Turns Heads With Comments, ECW Original Joining The Wyatt Family?, TNA's Big Free Agent Signing, Hogan's Freak Accident

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Powerslam Newsletter

Welcome to the Powerslam Newsletter

Issue #9, Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hello and welcome back to yet another issue of the Powerslam Newsletter! Our consecutive streak ended on Saturday as we had the WNW Premium Newsletter and it was a slow news day. I hope you're enjoying this new feature and have had a great weekend.

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WWE News

- Dolph Ziggler is still not medically cleared to wrestle, however, is expected to be soon. As noted, the World Heavyweight Champion will have to pass an iMPACT concussion test before he's able to return the ring. Ziggler has been feeling better and was promoted for this weekend's live events all along.

- We're told WWE is looking for a big angle to boost summer ratings. Vince McMahon wants something compelling that will lock the viewer in. Past angles they've done include the infamous limousine explosion and the million dollar giveaways. No word as to what they're planning but they've been looking at things.

- Randy Orton turned some heads in a promotional interview for "12 Rounds - Reloaded" when he told IGN's Matt Fowler that Curtis Axel made it through "career suicide" with the Michael McGillicutty name. This is one of those things where everyone felt the name was horrible and even Axel himself made his thoughts known in public.

- WWE is testing out a revamped heel gimmick for Hunico by aligning him with Brad Maddox. The company is doing something similar by aligning Tamina Snuka with Vickie Guerrero. No word if this will make it to television but Hunico has been out with a torn ACL.

- The more The Shield gets over and impresses company officials, the more creative liberty they are given. All three have been hands on with the gimmick and WWE couldn't be happier with how it's worked out so far.

- There was talk of bringing James Mitchell in as a mouthpiece for The Wyatt Family, however, no final decision has been made as of press time.

- Derrick Bateman said prior to his WWE release he was in a bad place mentally and physically and needed a break.

- I still haven't heard what happened with Adam Cole beginning the pre-screening process for WWE but was told Ring of Honor sent out the press release regrading his signing because they were proud they were able to keep their top guy.

- Ric Flair signed autographs at Wrestle Jam in Ringgold, Georgia on Friday night. Apparently there was some concern about his health as his left ankle was visibly swollen. He participated in an angle at the end of the show, delivering a low blow Johnny Rokk to end the show. Flair’s girlfriend, FiFi The Maid, was on the show with him. The Nature Boy was pulled from a scheduled appearance on WWE Monday Night Raw in March due to a blood clot in his leg. No word if the swelling Friday night was connected with that.

TNA News

- We still haven't heard who the "big free agent" signing to TNA that Dixie Carter was talking about on Twitter, however, we were cautioned not to "believe the hype." The usual suspects were mentioned to us from Rob Van Dam to Shelton Benjamin but these are the same names people talk about whenever news of an unknown signing comes out.

- This week’s Impact Wrestling simply performed horribly in the ratings. The show only garnered a 0.83 cable rating to go with its average viewership of 1,016,000 viewers on Spike TV. The number was the lowest in three years, dating back to Impact’s experimental run on Monday nights. The show was up against stiff competition with Game 5 of the NBA Playoffs game – Pacers at Heat – drawing 8,500,000 viewers and the History Channel drawing 4,800,000 in the same timeslot. To TNA’s credit, this was the first week back in the 9 PM/8 CT timeslot. However, there has to be a lot of disappointment headed into Slammiversary on Sunday.

- Hulk Hogan was on a boat prior to burning his hand on a radiator that exploded last Sunday. He's in Boston ahead of TNA Slammiversary.

- Bill Goldberg has made it more than clear on Twitter that he’s not TNA’s big free agent signing. I’ll have more on the signing later.

- TNA Champion Bully Ray continued the rhetoric of wanting to face Hulk Hogan in Hogan’s final match in the Slammiversary Q&A on Saturday night. When asked if he could face anyone, he said Terry Funk and that if he could add anyone to Aces and Eights it would be Crimson.

- Jeremy Borash says it was Shark Boy that named TNA Slammiversary. The following is from JB’s Twitter: "True story. Many yrs ago, was brainstorming possible PPV names over a few drinks, when Shark Boy chimed in with "What about #Slammiversary?"

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