Previewing NGW's Seventh Anniversary Show

While the world may be talking about Extreme Rules this Sunday, my attention is turning toward a more local promotion here in the UK, which celebrates it's seventh year in operation. New Generation Wrestling, based in Hull, is one of the top wrestling companies in the UK, and over the last couple of years the company has expanded itself from being what would be classed as a regional promotion to becoming one of the most popular promotions across the UK, with the company slowly but surely expanding the areas in which it promotes it's shows thanks to a national following through the success of the promotion being a regular feature on Wrestle Talk TV on Sunday nights. The seventh anniversary of the promotion could only be celebrated in one way; by putting on a show that will be recorded for television.


This show is also significant for another reason; this will be the first show the company runs from it's new full time home at Hull City Hall. Previously the company ran shows at the Airco Arena, owned by English football club Hull City, until recent plans by the club were revealed that threatened the future of the arena meaning NGW would be left without a home. Thankfully Hull City Council saw what the company was bringing to the city and offered the company the use of the city hall as a permanent venue for their future shows. This shows just how strong NGW really is as a promotion in the UK, and secures the long term future of a company that is growing in popularity week by week, and without doubt are helping establish the UK as a place to come for upcoming and established talent in the industry.

So what matches can this show offer you to entice you to attend this special show? Lets start with the match that sees Hull's very own 'Show Stealer' Nathan Cruz go up against Bubblegum, a cocky and arrogant superstar who hails from Manchester. These two are competing in the inaugural Davey Boy Smith Memorial Cup, alongside two other competitors in Zach Gibson, and Mike 'Wildboar' Hitchman, for the honor of being crowned the very first winner of what is hoped to be a yearly tournament. Cruz and Bubblegum are both high quality talents who are certainly up at the top of the list when it comes to the best names in the British wrestling scene, and having seen both men in action on multiple occasions I know they will certainly put on one hell of an entertaining match that fans will be talking about for years to come.


Another reason to witness this show live is the return of the former NGW Champion, El Ligero, who has not been seen at events for the company in Hull since his best friend Dara Diablo, turned on the Mexican sensation and cost him the NGW Championship at the companies Eternal Glory 2014 show held in December 2014. This show marks the first time that both Diable and Ligero have even been in the same building as one another so who knows what will go down if these two cross paths. I'm a huge fan of Ligero, who I believe could be the best talent in the UK at this time as his work in the ring is always solid, he puts on one hell of an entertaining match no matter who he faces, and most importantly for me he always gives 110% no matter who the opponent is or the obstacles he has to overcome. Ligero is simply a phenomenal athlete who I predict big things for over the next few years as we haven't even seen him hit his peak yet. When Ligero and Diablo cross paths next Sunday, I believe we will see fireworks and a very heated exchange.

The main reason many fans flock to events is to see the companies heavyweight championship defended and this show will be no different as the current NGW Champion Rampage Brown, puts his championship on the line against 'The Amazing' Matt Myers. This match has been billed by the company as something 3 years in the making with Myers being a former NGW Champion who has worked his way up the companies card to become one of the most popular stars in the company. Myers is known for teaming with Liam Slater, a fun loving and Vengaboy dancing graduate from the NGW academy, as part of the hugely popular Super Power Party Force. Can Myers upset the TNA British Bootcamp 2 finalist, and former WWE developmental star in Rampage Brown? Both men are more than capable of putting on a match with both hard hitting and fast paced action that I believe those in attendance will remember for years to come.


If those reasons for attending the NGW Seventh Anniversary show are not enough then maybe this 30 second advert to advertise the show will convince you. For more information on NGW's Seventh Anniversary show you can check out the companies website at ngwuk.com and also keep checking for regular updates on the NGW Facebook page. To purchase tickets for the show please visit hullwrestling.com, or contact Hull City Hall.

And for those who cannot attend the event from across the world fear not, the event will be available on demand to purchase and view in the near future on BritishWrestling.tv via their On Demand service. Don't miss out on your chance to witness history and be a part of one of the biggest wrestling shows in British Wrestling history.

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