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My Problems With Night Of Champions

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Night of Champions is always an interesting pay-per-view, in my opinion. We are coming off of the summer's biggest event, SummerSlam, and we get to see new storylines, continued storylines, and every championship on the line. Something that I pointed out in The Five-Count this weekend was the fact that every championship match had decent build and the card was very solid going in. After the first hour of this year's Night of Champions, I was already fed up with the show. 

For whatever reason, WWE thought having an hour-long pre-show was just a genius idea. Christian was going to host The Peep Show with Chris Jericho as his guest. They give us an hour to prepare for the event, and then saved the in-ring segment for the last fifteen minutes. What's the point? It wasn't a huge deal, but it was something that did bother me.

We kick off the actual pay-per-view with the Tag Team Championships on the line. The Usos were the fifth longest-reigning champions and they were doing fantastic as champs. They always entertain and deliver every time they step in that ring. They have beat every challenger that's come their way: Real Americans, Los Matadores, RybAxel, and The Wyatt Family. Stardust and Goldust surprisingly turned heel last month and picked up a win over the champs on Raw. They become number one contenders and we are set to see yet another good tag team title match at a PPV. The signs were silently there that we would see The Usos lose their belts. I'm a big fan of both teams, but it hurt to see The Usos lose their titles. The opening match is what is supposed to set the tone for the night of what's to come and this just left me wanting something good to happen to make up for it.

Sheamus vs. Cesaro was next for the United States Championship. This title is one that hasn't meant anything in forever. Sheamus and Cesaro always put on great matches, and that's exactly what we saw here. WWE missed an opportunity here. I believe that Sheamus' time as champ has run it's course. I love the guy, but holding a paper weight isn't what he needs. Cesaro is a guy that has huge potential and is so gifted in the ring. Cesaro has earned the right to once again be called champion in WWE. With Dolph Ziggler as a semi-top face and holding the Intercontinental Championship, WWE needs a heel to hold the other midcard title. Cesaro as champion is what everyone wants to see right now, while Sheamus is somewhat of an afterthought. So what does WWE do? They have Sheamus pin Cesaro to retain! So now I'm not happy with either match result that just happened and we aren't even an hour into the show. But it only gets worse.

I wrote an article the day after SummerSlam last month, discussing how giving Dolph Ziggler the Intercontinental Championship was a great move with a part-time heel like Brock Lesnar winning the biggest title in the company. Ziggler is over every time his music hits. The fans support him and he's a great worker. WWE had a great opportunity to capitalize on that and push Ziggler while elevating the championship. Going into this PPV, Dolph was still held in the midcard scene and was involved in a storyline with R-Truth, The Miz, and Damien Sandow. I was actually enjoying the corny storyline, and highly expected Ziggler to retain since he just won it a month ago. WWE continued to make me frustrated when The Miz pinned Ziggler and won the title again. What? Why?Are you kidding me?! WWE once again threw away something good and I already hated this show.

I don't remember anything from Rusev vs. Mark Henry really. It was a fine storyline, but I can't stand Rusev. He's so overrated in the ring and I couldn't care less about him. Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho was one of the best matches on the show. Orton winning was no surprise and hopefully Orton stays relevant following this win. AJ Lee beat Paige and Nikki Bella to win the Divas Championship. I wanted Paige to actually get a run with it, but I should've seen this coming. AJ is a great worker and I have no idea why fans are turning on her all of the sudden. Nikki hasn't shown me anything in the ring to prove that she has earned the belt, so I'm definitely glad she didn't win. WWE needs to quit playing hot potato with the championships if they want fans to care.

We move on to the main event. If you haven't heard this rant yet, then here it is. I'm not a fan of Brock Lesnar. The guy is handed everything for no reason. He's now the WWE Champion and shows up once a month. You seriously cannot do that. I hated the idea of Lesnar being champion before SummerSlam, so this isn't anything new. John Cena is a great worker and an asset to WWE (sorry Cena haters). I didn't like their match at SummerSlam and I didn't exactly enjoy seeing a smaller version of it last night. The only thing that could've saved the show for me was Seth Rollins walking out with the belt, which obviously didn't happen. As Richard Gray has stated lately, WWE should've strapped Rollins for many reasons. We would have a champion on TV every week, the main event scene would be helped a little, and there are directions you can go with Seth as champ. With Brock, it's hard to find legitimate challengers for him. I don't know what else to say about it.

WWE keeps screwing up and they need to stop! I would love to hear why you agree or disagree. Comment below, shoot me a post, tweet, or message on Facebook or Twitter. You can follow me on Twitter @cj_blaze24.

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