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Publicly Inviting Dixie Carter To An Interview

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I frequently question myself on the articles I should, and could, publish on here. Even though I am the lead editor, I take it upon myself to deliver the best articles for all of YOU! I don't want the quality to suffer, but I don't want to not deliver in terms of content on the website. As I was told when this website came to fruition... "Content is king"! That is exactly right. There always needs to be new, original, and fresh content on the website, but the next challenge is what content to produce!

As you know, I am a writer on Vince Russo's since August. I check that website every single day for its content. Not to purposely plug the site, but I thoroughly enjoy it. The website is not just about wrestling, but about a variety of topics. However, wrestling is a heavy part of the website. Russo publishes in-depth articles and analysis, but also short and sweet articles. It is a great mixture, and for me, I want to take that into account for this website! There was something Vince posted on the website earlier today that I really feel like I should... Not counter... But do my own!

Mr. Russo publicly invited Dixie Carter to be on his podcast. Very interesting idea Russo... Very interesting indeed! However, while I would LOVE for her to be on your website... It is actually my time.

Dixie Carter has been doing several interviews within the past week or so to promote, advertise, and plug TNA Wrestling and Impact Wrestling for 2015 as they head to Destination America. That is exactly what she should be doing and that is what a lot of the TNA Wrestling talent should be doing!

It was just over a year ago when I asked Dixie Carter for an interview and she accepted it. In fact, she accepted the invitation TWICE! However, it never came to fruition as the company decided it wasn't in their best interest to do so. I am not going to discuss that moment as it is more important to discuss what is going on right now.

Flat out, Dixie Carter still owes me the interview that she agreed to. It is not that simple. With her going around and being interviewed on various websites, it felt right to try once again and extend the hand. So, that is what I did. I emailed TNA Wrestling's Public Relations department today about possibly interviewing TNA's President. So far, no response. I am still waiting.

I am not here to call out TNA's PR department or Dixie Carter, but I am sincerely inviting Dixie Carter publicly to be interviewed by and Yes, these are wrestling websites, BUT these websites capture around 1,000,000 unique visitors every month. These websites, more specifically this one, captures the hardcore TNA fans that not only care about the company, but are so passionate about it. They really deserve to hear from the President of the company. They really deserve to hear some good and exciting news!

You know, at this point I am thinking, why doesn't Dixie Carter go around to these websites and just give some insight and some news to what we can see in 2015? I am not talking about breaking big news, but just drop some small news updates to make the interviews even more meaningful. Just a thought.

Here's the thing - At the end of the day, I am not going to interview Dixie Carter to bash or insult her. No, that's unprofessional and I will not go that route. I am here to HELP TNA Wrestling! I am here to PLUG Impact Wrestling on Destination America. I seriously want TNA Wrestling to succeed in 2015! I want them to thrive! I really want them to be the best they can be! Face it, this process is a GROUP process. One person can't do it. One website can't do it. We are all here for one thing and that is to help TNA Wrestling get to that next level! WE ALL WANT THAT!

Interviewing Dixie Carter will not only benefit the websites, but it will also benefit TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling. Let's be realistic here! Publicity... Advertising... Plugging... All of those can be checked off for TNA Wrestling to promote the move to Destination America! You want to reinsure the hardcore TNA fans? You want to get the wrestling fans? We got both of them.

At this point, let's not attack each other if you are involved or a fan of one wrestling or TNA based website than another. We aren't here to go after each other. Our objective... Our collaborative goal is to help TNA Wrestling and with this interview we can do jus that!

Use "#DixieCarterInterview" to get the word out about our mission to get Dixie Carter for an interview!

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