Questions Over Whether Or Not Jimmy Snuka Competent To Stand Trial

Jimmy Snuka

William E. Moore, the attorney for Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, has explained the focus of whoever represents Snuka in his criminal case (it won’t be him) will be to determine whether or not he is competent to stand trial. Snuka arrived in court on Tuesday in a wheelchair and hooked to a feeding tube. Snuka has stomach cancer, which is being described as a terminal illness.

"He is not in good shape physically or mentally," Moore explained. "I'm not sure he realized what was going on. I'm not sure what his cognitive abilities are."

"I don't see it ever getting better," Moore said of Snuka's condition.

WWE has disassociated from Snuka, removing his likeness from the Hall of Fame section on their official website. They have also suspended Snuka’s Legends contract pending the outcome of this case.

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