R-Truth Advances But Ambrose Fails, What Happened w/Ronda Rousey & WWE

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What do you think of this sudden re-push for R-Truth? It wasn't even a month ago that he hadn't really been seen on TV in months. When he was, it was as an enhancement talent. Cue up last week and he’s booked in the semi-finals of the King of the Ring.

R-Truth isn’t in the midst of a renewed push and his status as a mid-card reliable veteran remains. One reader came to me after last week’s Raw that saw Dean Ambrose get eliminated from King of the Ring and R-Truth go over Stardust with outrage.

I explained it was likely WWE wanted Truth to win so they could use him to put Bad News Barrett over in the King of the Ring tournament. That’s exactly what happened. Barrett beat R-Truth and Neville (which was a great touch) to become the 2015 King of the Ring.

Sometimes wins and losses mean something, sometimes they’re all a part of a bigger purpose. That was the case here and I’m not sure the King of the Ring victory is as big of a deal as some Barrett fans would like to think. It was a live event used to push WWE Network subscriptions but I still do not see the victory as one of extreme prominence.

After Wrestlemania 31, Ronda Rousey assured fans she would be back in WWE. Dana White came out a couple weeks ago and said she’s one and done. What happened?

In the cameo at Wrestlemania 31, WWE teased a future program involving Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, The Rock and Ronda Rousey. In typical Vince McMahon fashion, it got everyone talking.

Leave it to Vince McMahon to get UFC President Dana White Tweeting out an image where he was watching WWE’s biggest show of the year live on the WWE Network (for only $9.99 of course).

Yes, many in WWE expect Rousey to be back at some point but I don’t think anyone saw her actually being cleared to compete in a match. It’s the same situation there was with Brock Lesnar a couple years ago when he was rumored to be returning to the octagon while under WWE contract. While sources maintained WWE would allow for Lesnar to fight, they controlled his usage. Rousey, who is under contract with UFC, has her services controlled by that company.

The biggest surprise in Dana White’s comments (seen here) is the “one and done” stuff because I expected Rousey to at least appear again. I’m not sure if there is more to the story but we’ll keep listening and bring you anything we hear. However, I never felt Rousey would compete while under UFC contract.

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