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Randy Savage Welcome To The WWE Hall of Fame

So my first article got you guys talking, awesome! That is what I want! So I have not posted in a week and in that time, I sat and thought about what my next article would be about. Then it hit me, this is WrestleMania Season which means the Hall of Fame is right around the corner and seeing as how I grew up with WWE the last 30 plus year I have seen many guys worthy of an induction, but I wanted to focus on one this year that I am beyond excited to see take his rightful place in the Hall. That is Macho Man Randy Savage.

In researching this, I found that Randy Savage did not start out in wrestling. As a young Randy Poffo, he played baseball in high school. When he was 18, he was signed to the St. Louis Cardinals right out of high school and played for the Cincinnati Reds and Chicago White Sox farm teams. When he got injured to the point he could no longer continue in the major leagues, Randy chose another path, professional wrestling by joining his father, Angelo's, promotion.

It was while he was there that Vince McMahon took notice of Randy and signed him in 1985. By this time he was already established as the Macho Man and after refusing the services of Bobby Heenan, Freddie Blassie, and Jimmy Hart, he would take on Miss Elizabeth as his manager and would feud with the top stars of the day including Hulk Hogan which he formed the Mega-Powers tag team with after WrestleMania IV before splitting up and losing the WWE Championship to Hogan the following year. He would also drop Miss Elizabeth for Sensational Sherri and become the Macho King with Queen Sherri. He would lose to Ultimate Warrior, get attacked by Sherri, get saved and reunite with Elizabeth and marry her at SummerSlam and during his three decade career would wear many hats in WWE from wrestler to commentator and won several championships as well in WWE and WCW.

I would be remiss if I did not talk about his time in WCW and TNA. Randy left WWE in 1994 and signed quickly with WCW. While there, he had feuds with the likes of Avalanche and top guys like Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan. After he left due to not being able to reach an agreement to stay, he returned and joined the New World Order and Wolfpac, before creating a new gimmick and was managed by Gorgeous George, Team Madness with Madusa and Miss Madness, and after a brief hiatus from WCW returned and joined The Millionaire's Club with Hogan, Flair, and other veterans. He eventually left WCW for good and went to TNA to finish his career there.

After leaving professional wrestling, Savage went on to marry his high school sweetheart, Barbara Payne. He was a spokesman for Slim Jim and won Man of the Year from Harvard Lampoon. He went on to star in many films, including Spider-Man as well as doing voice acting on shows like Dexter's Laboratory and Family Guy. He also put out a rap album in 2003 that had a tribute to Curt Hennig and a song called "Be A Man" directed towards Hulk Hogan.

Unfortunately, Randy tragically lost his life while driving with his wife in Florida in 2011. Randy was driving with his wife, when Randy had a sudden heart attack. He became unresponsive, lost control of his Jeep Wrangler and hit a tree. He and his wife survived initially thanks to them wearing seat belts, however Savage died shortly after.

I can remember watching Savage in WWE as a little kid growing up and being in awe of his all around amazing talent from his promos to his in ring masterpieces. Everyone still talks about his Intercontinental Championship match against Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat at WrestleMania III. He was the total package and we did not see talent like his again in WWE until CM Punk. He is missed to this day, but lives forever on the WWE Network and countless WWE DVD's and feature films. I, for one, still get goose bumps hearing Pomp and Circumstance and think to myself, I wonder if he was alive today, would he have come home to WWE in some capacity? I think he would of, especially now, to accept this honor in person to finally put all the bad blood behind him.

On the night before WrestleMania, he takes his rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame. An honor well deserved and long overdue. On that night Macho Man Randy Savage comes home. I hope that WWE is sensible enough to induct Miss Elizabeth this year as well, because they deserve to be honored together for their contributions to this business.

Thank you Macho Man for creating so many memories for us and letting those of us with kids of our own to enjoy you for years to come. Cream really does rise to the top.


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