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Raw Live Coverage 7-30-18

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Hey everyone, welcome to RAW tonight in Miami, Flordia.

The show starts out... with an in memory of the ones we have lost this past week.

the show officially starts with a look backstage of Brock Lensar and Paul Heyman. Out in the arena, Roman Reigns comes out with the crowd cheering. With a mic in hand, he does a shout out to Miami and continues to talk about Brock Lensar and his lack of being a real champion. With that, Paul waddles out and says his piece out being who he is. Paul also saying his piece of what his client has to say about Roman winning. Saying also that Brock will win and become a two-sport champion, Roman saying for him to shut up and wants Brock to come out. Roman says that he will send Brock back to the UFC not has Lensar but his bi*ch. Backstage, Seth Rollins getting focused for his match against Drew McIntyre. Also, Backstage Ronda Rousey talking with Natalya.

Coming out to the ring, Finn Balor ready to go against Baron Corbin.

Backstage, Brock Lensar reading a hunting magazine. Paul walks in asking if he saw that, him saying no why should I. Heyman handing him his phone asking for him to listen. Brock not going to and throws his phone and then sat back down continuing to read. To the ring, Baron walked out for the match. Once the bell rung Finn taking control, Baron headbutting Balor making him on top of the match. Missile dropkick to Baron from the second rope, that sent him to the side. Corbin through Balor over the top rope, Corbin taking control.

Coming back from break, Corbin still in control. Grounding Balor having him in a submission of sorts. Corbin dragging and using Finn has a rag doll for a long time in this match, Balor drop-kicking Baron that not phasing him, but that time helped Balor to get control over Baron.

During the break; Corbin taking control putting Balor in the same submission as before. Balor having enough, breaking free and slingblade to Baron twice. In the drop zone, Balor tried to use the Coup de Grace. Baron countering using deep six, trying for a pin; Balor kicking out. Balor trying for a Coup de Grace again, that backfiring and Baron delivering an End of Days earning a victory. Corbin soaking up a win, that not enough. Baron rushing back into the ring, slamming him in the end to the barricade. Finally walking out.

Backstage: Paul trying to get a phone, was interrupted by Kurt. Him asking about why his client is not going to be out for a live audience. At the end of the promo, Angle said that if Lensar isn't out in the ring tonight then he can kiss his WWE contract goodbye.

Last week was historic, Stephanie announced about an all women's PPV. Called Evolution.

Backstage, Alicia Fox stretching out for her match. Bliss walking up saying that she hand-picked her to be her 'buddy' basically since Mickie is injured. Also saying that has Ronda, that she will handle her. Alicia saying that she will beat Nattie. To the arena, Natalya coming out for her match, Ronda then coming out walking down with her.

Alicia Fox walking out with Alexia Bliss. Natalya having control, Alicia holding her own. Natalya looking for her families sharpshooter. Fox holding the rope breaking it, that helping her to drag Natalya in to ring apron. After doing that Alicia taking control. Using her long legs to put in a submission. Natalya getting out and doing flying discus pinning her but Fox kicking out. Alicia going after Ronda, with that distraction. Bliss hits Natalya thus earning Alicia a win. Ronda not having it after Alicia tried to get to her, Ronda grabbing Bliss' arm almost doing an armbar. Alicia helping but not helping, once Ronda got her she slamming Alicia.

Backstage: Brock and Paul in his locker room. Lensar saying that he doesn't care about the universe or the show. Asking for him to leave and get him a steak with a baked potato and steamed veggies. We have more match announced tonight. Banks and Bayley team up against Sarah and Liv.

After talking with Kurt, Ronda will have a match her first match on RAW against Alicia next week.

In the ring, Elias is out strumming his guitar. Saying his album is better than most of the artists today. then he started talking about the city of Miami. About to play the song of the Miami, Bobby Lashley. Elias asking what do you want, Bobby saying he wants a front row seat. Elias taking it differently, Bobby is going to be Elias. Soon they were singing the song, Rockin Robin. During him singing, Elias hit Bobby with his guitar. Bobby fighting him off.

Backstage again, Corbin walking around. Kevin coming up and talking that his son is now his favorite wrestler. Kevin saying he fears that Braun will cash his contract IF Brock comes out tonight. Corbin saying that there is nothing really can do since Brock is Paul's problem and that the contract is Brauns til the match.

Braun walks out with his briefcase, ready for his match against Jinder. Braun slamming Jinder to the mat after the bell rung. While Braun was stocking Jinder, Kevin sneaked out taking the briefcase and was about to run out with it. That not happening, he went after Kevin. Back in the ring, Jinder got the win via count-out. Braun going back into the ring. Jinder getting out. Strowman yelling and shaking his case.

Backstage Angle talked with Stephanie about something Baron's phone. Found out later what that is.

in the locker room, Mojo comes in saying how he bet Tyler Breeze and No Way Jose. Also saying how he bet Zack Ryder. someone clapping Bobby Roode walks up and asks if Mojo has a problem with me. The result is them brawling in the locker room.

Back to the arena. Titus Worldwide comes out them going up against the Authors of Pain. Apollo getting a great start and having control, after Akam tried to get some momentum. Apollo rolled up and got the win.

Next match, Seth Rollins coming out for his match against Drew McIntyre. Drew pulling Rollins in the corner, Rollins trying to get momentum but Drew power slamming him to the mat. Suicide dive, Drew slamming Rollins to the barricade. Rollins laying out on the floor, Drew grabbing him and pushing Rollins up to the exposed steel to the throat.

Both controlling this match, Rollins almost getting the win himself. But Dolph comes in the match and disqualified Drew.

Earlier tonight it has been about seeing if Brock will come out.

Backstage, Kurt walking into Roman's locker room saying that he needs to be out of the building cause of Brock. If he doesn't then his match at SummerSlam is done.

Tomorrow there is a 205live match Cedric against Brain Kendrick.

Charley in the ring, announcing the tag team champions the B team. Bo saying they have to pinch themselves that they are champions. While talking, the deleters of worlds popped up and started their crazy. Saying they are the B team's nightmares. While the crowd and the Deleters chanting delete. the revival walked out saying they are the best cause they won against Roman and Bobby.

of what happened, the revival and the deleters of worlds are in the match. While the B team sits at the announcer's table. both teams controlling but it becomes hectic in a hurry. while Hardy took care of Dawson, Bray took care of Dash. but that didn't help. the Revival winning the match, then looking at the B team.

Backstage; Seth talking to Renee while saying he will win against Dolph. That is when Dolph came in attacking him with Drew by his side.

Out to the ring, the Riott Squad (Liv and Sarah) come out going up against Banks and Bayley.

the Riott Squad waiting in the ring. The team of Bayley and Sasha Banks their name Boss and Hugs Connection. Bayley and Sarah going in first. Bayley putting Sarah in the corner, tagging in Sasha. Tagging in and out the team of boss and hug is in control of this match.

During the break, Sarah tagged in Liv and she is in control. Sasha tagging in Bayley finally they have some control. Sarah helping to keep the match alive. but that not helping. Sasha and Bayley working together and winning the match.

Backstage, Brock still in the locker room. Paul telling him what is up. Brock then asking about money if he got paid. Brock saying he doesn't care that Paul works for him, that he should do his job and go out to the ring.

The ending of RAW Kurt and Baron walk out. Kurt then speaking that either Paul brings Brock out or Paul is fired. Paul saying meekly that his client is Brock and that he isn't coming out. Kurt about blowing a gasket. Saying that he is the worst Universal Champion that Champions do all these things like charities and go above and beyond for the WWE. Paul then saying he is the worst and that he needs to deal with Brock and not him. Paul then asking for a better working relationship, Kurt not taking any bull from him. Says that his contract is done. a few seconds later Brock's theme came on and Paul with a huge grin. Brock handed him the title and then grabbing the mic. Asking both Kurt and Baron if they have a problem with him. With either of them talking, Brock grabs Kurt slams him to the mat then after looking around at the destruction he grabs Paul by the face and puts him to the mat. then leaves.

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