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That Was A Real Paige-Turner

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Last night's episode of Raw was one of my all-time favorites for many reasons. There were many great moments put into the three-hour show. One of those moments was witnessing Paige debuting on the main roster and winning the WWE Divas Championship.

I've been watching wrestling for nearly four years, and I'm learning more and more each day thanks to the WWE Network. In this time, I have watched some poor quality divas matches, but I've also seen some good ones. Beth Phoenix, Natalya, AJ Lee, and now Paige are some of those female wrestlers who have tried to turn the women's division around with their amazing in-ring talent.

I've watched Paige go from FCW to NXT where she beat Emma to become the first NXT Women's Champion. And last night she became the first and only diva to hold both the WWE Divas Championship and the NXT Women's Championship all at the young age of twenty-one. She has been dubbed the Anti-Diva, and her win ironically comes right after Lita's Hall of Fame induction.

AJ and Paige are certainly capable of putting on a solid, drawn-out program. But the question is, will they be the next Trish and Lita?

Paige and Lita are very similar with their Anti-Diva gimmicks. Saturday night I was able to watch the Hall of Fame live for the first time. Lita was the first to be inducted and she showed me a side of women's wrestling I've never seen before. Lita wasn't there to be eye candy, she was there to become a professional wrestler. And that is what Paige is doing now. But if Paige is Lita, is AJ Trish? AJ is almost like Paige in the sense that she has tried to overcome the "Barbies" as Beth Phoenix called them. It would be another huge accomplishment if these ladies were given the opportunity to main-event Raw.

Now with all the happiness I've shared about Paige winning, what does this mean for AJ? It's almost sad to see her reign get thrown away like that, similar to Punk's, but it was done properly and helped increase the "value" of last night's Raw. Here's a storyline WWE could have done had Paige not won the title right off the bat. Paige interrupts AJ on Raw, and she's got the NXT Women's Title with her. Paige says you haven't beaten me. AJ slaps Paige and runs while Tamina is left in the ring and takes a beating from the Anti-Diva. A match is booked for Extreme Rules, with both belts on the line. After about twenty minutes, Paige gets out of the Black Widow and connects with the Paige-Turner (like she did on Raw). Thus, Paige goes on to dominate both the WWE and NXT rosters.

As a Paige fan, I definitely had a mark-out moment when I saw her pin AJ one, two, three. What's done is done, and Paige has taken over the divas division, all while being twenty-one. The future is bright for this talented woman, and I can't wait to see where she goes from here.

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