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I Need A Reason To Care About TNA

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Yes, I am saying that I really need reason to care about the existence of TNA. I have not watched TNA when it's on TV for maybe close to a year and a half. I always download Impact from bittorrent. But now they have been uploading Impact each week to YouTube so I've been watching that. Having 35 to 40 minutes of commercials cut out makes it a lot better. But I think it's getting close to 6 months more that I've been watching Impact on fast forward. I've been skipping through entire matches, skipping any replay sequences or showing what happened the previous week, occasionally watch the end of a match if it's a name I have the slightest bit of interest in, and only watch 1, very maximum 2 full matches. A weird thing has been starting to happen in the past month maybe, either 2 or maybe 3 times, I completely forgot that I have not watched Impact this week.

The fact that I am starting to forget that Impact was on only shows me that I really am starting to lose all care or concern for the company called TNA Impact Wrestling. For the record, I do not share other writer's opinions that we should all care about the success of TNA because it's good for the wrestlers and good for the industry. I do not share in that sentiment, not in the slightest. I believe that eventually any kind of company in any industry can get to the point of "Why are they still around?" if there is no clear focus or purpose. So for me, I don't see any benefit to the industry in the continued existence of TNA. In comparison, if Shimmer got a national TNA deal that would help showcase the true capabilities of women, if ROH had some more money maybe that would help them put on a longer show but they do have grade A star-power talent, if Lucha Underground had bigger exposure that would show some alternate styles of wrestling. But TNA, I'm starting to feel like I don't care about TNA and is a benefit to nobody.

If you were not watching TNA well over 5 years ago, then you wouldn't know where I am coming from. I will put it to you like this, if you have never seen a barbed wire match on pay-per-view TV, then I am talking before your time. I am talking about a time when people enjoyed madness. A time when getting ticked off at a wrestler was a good thing. A time when there was so much action at one moment it was confusing, and that hooked people to want Impact more than once a week. A time when you could recite what was going on with most of the characters because things were consistent and clear. And now it's being replaced with apathy. Not caring about about the existence of something can be worse than actively hating it because at least with hate there is still a strong feeling. Now instead of having so much action, it seems to be having so many stories, people don't care. Now instead of having a feeling of expected intensity, now there seems to be expected disappointment, people' don't care. Now instead of hounding TNA to produce a second show, it's starting to forget the first show was on, people don't care.

If you had never watched TNA at least 5 years ago, watch this King Of The Mountain match and tell me if you could watch that every week.

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