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Reasons For WWE Fans To Be Cheerful

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Undertaker, Vince McMahon & Brock Lesnar

It has not been a great week to be a wrestling fan for the obvious and already well documented reasons that I am not going to dwell on here. One out of touch, misinformed and frankly despicable character thankfully does not represent wrestling as a whole and I would like to write about people far more deserving of the little free time I have. So putting one bad apple to one side, today I am going to look at all the reasons why it is a great time to be a WWE fan.

The Divas

The segment on Raw a couple of weeks back which saw the main roster débuts of Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Sasha Banks was probably the biggest thing to happen in the Divas division since...well ever. I'm not saying the angle was flawless, there are lots of cooler ways it could have been done but there is no doubting that the times are changing. Gone are the days of 2 mins of Raw time and we are now seeing athleticism to give the males a run for their money. Charlotte has the potential to be the greatest Diva ever and could be instrumental in taking the division to unprecedented heights. It is going to be really exciting to see how things develop over the coming months and if The Bellas can ever really be removed from power.


The Return Of The Dead Man

A few eyebrows were raised when an ageing Undertaker was brought back to face the seemingly unstoppable monster Brock Lesnar, but those people are missing the point. Despite his imposing frame The Undertaker has never been about being the strongest or having the biggest biceps, instead "The Phenom" has used the supernatural and mind games as a major part of his arsenal so age is really irrelevant. Nobody in WWE can compete with Lesnar on a physical level but 'Taker can defeat anyone on a mental level and he looked pumped up and ready for action when he made his first Raw appearance since February 2014. There is a lack of mega-stars in WWE at the moment so 'Taker is a welcome addition to a bumper edition of SummerSlam, enjoy him while he is still around because you'll miss him when he is gone.

Brock Lesnar & The Undertaker

The Wyatt Family reboot

This could be the start of a new beginning for one of WWE's most interesting characters who through no lack of effort on his part has become little more than a bit part player. I was disappointed when the Wyatt Family first went their separate ways so was delighted to see (minus the sadly injured Erick Rowan) the family reunion. Both Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper have so much talent and potential and I believe this will be best recognised within a sadistic stable. If played right their feud with Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose could produce some great matches. It will also be exciting to see who if anyone else out of the rumoured candidates joins Bray's pursuit of domination.

Luke Harper

The NXT Conveyor Belt

NXT has been producing some unbelievable talent for the main roster, the Divas already mentioned in this article but also plenty in the male division. We haven't yet seen the best from Neville, although his feud with Stardust has potential, and despite losing the majority of his series with John Cena, Kevin Owens looks destined for great things. As well as these recent additions we have arguably the best of them all Finn Balor still to come, along with the likes of Sami Zayn (who has had one incredible match on the main roster already) and Hideo Itami who have both been cruelly sidelined by injury. Having this seemingly never ending supply of fantastic talent means nobody can rest on their laurels and hopefully that one or two reach Rock or Stone Cold levels of success.

Finn Balor

The WWE Network

The WWE Network was predicted by some as being the beginning of the end for WWE but Vince McMahon seems to have got it right again. You can watch every PPV ever, whether it is to catch up on those years you are too young to remember or those you are too old to remember. You can waste a few hours watching programming from the all conquering "Attitude Era" or watch documentaries, talk shows and tons of other content. If anything there is too much. But things are about to get even more exciting with all the new programming announced. Warning: you may never leave the house again.

And possibly....

The Shield Reboot

This was supposedly going to be THE angle of the summer but no sign as yet. There is still time however and if it happens it will be bigger than huge. Maybe big enough to help fill a four hour SummerSlam....

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose

It is easy to criticise and get bogged down in the negatives all the time, but there are plenty of reasons to be excited about WWE as we head into the final third of 2015.


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