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Reasons For WWE Fans To Be Happy

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With ratings on the slide, the dominance of The Authority and heel stables on a weekly basis, probably the biggest injury list we've seen in some time, and consistent backlash from fans about how stale and boring the WWE product has become it seems WWE just can't win and fans aren't happy with the current product. Even Mick Foley, a WWE Hall of Famer has recently voiced his displeasure, even saying he was considering stopping watching WWE all together. But underneath all these small, niggling little issues there are reasons to be happy and reasons it's a great time to be a WWE fan. As it's the season of good cheer I figured it was time for a positive piece about the things WWE are doing right to show you that there is light at the end of that gloomy and murky looking tunnel of fandom.

The New Day

New Day are proving talent can not only get over on their own but that they can do it by giving the fans what they want. In a world where it seems to be difficult to get over, doing something different and being entertaining while doing it appears to be the right way forward as the group is setting a trend and a precedent. Vince McMahon spoke on Steve Austin's podcast about talent grabbing the brass ring. Well these boys have grabbed it and done some super serious acrobatics to get majorly over with the crowd. And it hasn't gone unnoticed with creative as New Day are not only a focal point of the tag team division, but seem to be a focal point of WWE programing more and more on a weekly basis. If New Day can do it then I'm sure there is plenty of other talent on the roster capable of doing something different and entertaining to at least give the audience something to look forward to seeing.

The New Day aren't the only talent rising through the ranks either. Just stop for a minute and take a look at some of the names in the NXT system that are coming through and some of the names that have moved up to the main roster in recent months and the future does indeed suddenly look incredibly bright for the company. Down in NXT you have names like Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, Sami Zayn, Bayley, Apollo Crews, Asuka, and Hideo Itami. That doesn't include the signings expected in the future like James Storm, possibly AJ Styles, and any other names on the independent scene available. Already making waves on the main roster from NXT you have Kevin Owens, Tyler Breeze, Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks, proving that when names like John Cena and Randy Orton step aside that the future of the company is in good hands. And that's not to mention that eventually Triple H will take over from Vince McMahon in the future. And if the blueprint Triple H is laying out with NXT is anything to go by then the future is definitely in the safest hands possible.


If you feel the company is hell bent on forcing what they want down your throats as well in terms of stories and talent then I have proof that WWE does listen to you and is willing to change it's plans if you make enough noise about it. Proof is in plans for Wrestlemania 30 with Daniel Bryan, Wrestlemania 31 when Roman Reigns didn't walk out as champion like they planned and Seth Rollins successfully cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase, and Survivor Series this year when it looked like they were strapping Reigns despite fan objection, only to take it from him through a Sheamus cash in of the Money in the Bank briefcase out of nowhere. Now whether or not the last example was the plan all along or not I believe WWE do listen to what we want, despite things sometimes pointing toward the opposite. The more you voice you opinion about something the better the chance of things changing for the better.

Finally while things in WWE do seem like doom and gloom may be setting in, we have to remember that WWE has a proven track record of going through these slumps but it always manages to come out the other end. Look at the years between 1995 and 1997 before the Montreal screw job as an example. Things weren't exactly exciting for WWE fans while WCW was bringing in the viewers. The company has gone through patches since then including the last few months where things have been stale. The one thing to remember in the past is the company has always come out the other end with something exciting, be it the Montreal screw job, the birth of Austin 3:16, CM Punk and his pipe bomb promo, the birth of the Yes movement, or Seth Rollins emerging as the top heel in wrestling. I'm sure the company is almost due one of those breakout moments between now and Wrestlemania 32, so it's worth hanging in there fans because better days will be here again.


It's easy to become frustrated with the company when things aren't going the way we want as fans. The WWE isn't always going to be perfect all the time. In fact it's almost impossible for the company to produce television on a weekly basis that is up to the standard the fans expect. It's almost impossible to please everyone, and I think deep down inside we all know that. If you really aren't happy with the product then we all know the best thing to do is turn off your television and cancel your WWE Network subscription. But if you don't want to do that then I encourage you to hang in there as things will get better in WWE in the future. You just need to give it time and keep faith that the company will eventually do the right thing and thing will get better.

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