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Rebooking The Royal Rumble

I think it would be an understatement to say that the Royal Rumble caught some heat. In the hostile crowd of Philadelphia, they were going to let you know if they liked the show or if they didn’t… and they didn’t. While I’m perfectly ok with how the Rumble was booked regarding its winners and losers, I thought I’d take a stab at rebooking the PPV. Maybe in the process appease some of the fans, with different ideas that are a little less predictable while still delivering quality in ring work. The only two matches I really want to take a stab at are the WHC match and the Rumble itself but those two matches would create multiple stories moving into ‘Mania season. Shall we get started?

Let’s start with the World Heavyweight Championship match. That match was a beautiful display of in ring work from all three competitors. I have to tip my hat to both John Cena and Brock Lesnar considering the fact that they are no Seth Rollins. The only thing I would’ve changed is to have Cena be the one to go under to Brock, and have Seth cash-in and win. A lot of people predicted this as the outcome but as we saw, it wasn’t so. Now to have Seth go over would change the entire outlook going into Wrestlemania and if I’m booking, that’s exactly what I want. Especially, in a wrestling smart crowd. This accomplishes two things in the process, takes a part-timer out of the title picture and invests in the youth of the company to headline the biggest show of the year. After that match is over, I would cut to a promo of Dean Ambrose brewing in the back about how he can kill two birds with one stone by winning the Rumble. Get his hands on Seth Rollins and become World Heavyweight Champion. I would also cut to Roman looking at a monitor as well, but I wouldn’t have him say anything because at this point, saying nothing is better then what they’re giving him. Next we move on to the Rumble…

Daniel Bryan Raw Promo

Now, I’ll preface this by saying that in any situation, Daniel Bryan does not win the Rumble. I understand that he is very over with the fans but, I’m just not that sold on the guy. For this match, I wouldn’t change anything leading up to when Big Show and Kane started to eliminate everyone. Let Bray be booked exactly the same way to continue to help build for the future. Now, I understand why it happened the way it did, and maybe I’d let Kane and Show eliminate Dolph just to keep the heat off of Roman and Dean. In any case, I would have it come down to Dean vs. Roman as the final two in the Rumble. Does anybody remember what happened in the ’94 Rumble match? That’s exactly what I do here. Dean and Roman both go over the top rope and their feet hit the floor at the same time. Considering there is no clear-cut winner, they both go on to main event Wrestlemania and we have the three members of the Shield face off against each other. This would set up a great main event with three distinct characters that can also provide great in-ring work for those that appreciate good wrestling. With Seth Rollins doing anything he can to keep from getting his face kicked in by either of these men, now we build a cat and mouse chase and a story with a point (something WWE has rarely been able to accomplish) going into ‘Mania. So if Brock loses the title, what program will he be in going forward? Considering it is most likely his last event with the company,I book the match that Richard brought up shortly after the PPV was over.

Bubba-Ray-Dudley-Royal Rumble Return

Monday Night Raw, the show opens up with a superstar that had one of the biggest pops from the previous night… Bubba Ray Dudley. Considering Paul Heyman is attached indefinitely to all of his former ECW employees, I have Bubba go after Paul in a story that brings back issues from way back in ECW days. “PAUL!!! I know you’re back there! I haven’t seen you in almost 10 years but don’t think I’ve forgotten. You still owe me from all those unpaid matches in ECW and I’m here to collect!!!” This does something that we haven’t seen since the feud with CM Punk; it puts Paul on the defensive. Paul as a scared, untrained wrestler who is being hunted is 1) different and 2) fits right into Paul’s heel persona. Now considering how little Brock is on TV, Paul would have to dodge Bubba for quite a while but eventually, Bubba would get his hands on him about midway through February. When Paul is in his most vulnerable state, and can no longer run… Brock’s music hits. From that point forward, it’s on. The program builds to ‘Mania where Paul turns on Brock and costs him the match and says he did it because Bubba was a “Paul Heyman guy” long before Brock ever came around. This accomplishes two things, it gives fans a unique program that has a part timer vs a part timer, and tells a compelling story. Brock goes out on his back the way every performer who leaves does, and we have a strong performer booked with Paul.

Does this answer all of the questions we have on the road to Wrestlemania? No, but I’ll tell you what it does do. It creates fresh programs that viewers, like you and I, aren’t tired of seeing. What do you think? Would this be more intriguing then what actually happened? Sound off below!!!

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