How To Rebuild TNA's X-Division


Destination X is right around the corner. Last year's Destination X event was the show that captured my attention and now I watch Impact every week! All of the focus is put on my favorite part of TNA: the X-Division. Who doesn't enjoy high-flying, risk-taking, hard-hitting action from the "cruiserweights" of TNA? But I'm not the only one that has noticed the lack of an X-Division, especially when we were getting ready for Slammiversary. TNA can take the easiest of steps to improve their X-Division and make fans care even more.


You have to have an X-Division "roster" before you can start putting on fantastic matches. In the past, TNA had a weight limit ranging from 120-130 pounds, but that apparently has been thrown out in the last year. The X-Division currently looks like this: X-Division Champion Austin Aries, Sanada, Manik, DJ Z, Crazzy Steve, Tigre Uno, Kenny King, and Rockstar Spud. There are several guys like Samoa Joe, Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, Jeff Hardy, EC3, Samuel Shaw, and The BroMans who could be considered apart of the X-Division "roster", but aren't featured regularly right now.

Eight guys doesn't seem like enough for a regular "roster", so TNA could sign some guys. The first few names that come to my mind are Matt Sydal (f.k.a. Evan Bourne in WWE) and Low Ki. Sami Zayn would be another interesting name from WWE. AJ Styles, Chris Sabin, and Christopher Daniels could serve as the mentors and veterans to the newer talent. We now have the stars, we now need a "face" and champion.

The Face Of The X-Division

This is something that Alex Barie wrote on all the way back in March 2013, which you can read here. TNA doesn't even really have an established face or hero like many writers have talked about lately. So while TNA establishes a "face of the company", they can figure out who they want as the big name to lead the X-Division. I'm not exactly sure as to who I would pick for this spot, but Austin Aries is one name that comes to mind, even though I would rather see him go after the World Title. TNA really needs to establish top stars in the main event scene and the X-Division. It may take time for it to happen, but if that's what it takes to improve the company, then we will wait patiently.

Lengthy, Meaningful Title Reigns & Solid Storylines

These two topics can improve any division in any wrestling promotion. You can take the face of the division or company and easily give them proper feuds and matches that tell stories and capture the fan's attention. TNA has screwed up more than once lately with the way they have treated championships in general. There has been a title match on every Impact since Slammiversary. That's overkill and makes title matches mean less. TNA has four, may I repeat, four pay-per-views each year. We don't want to see a title defended every week, but we don't want to go weeks, maybe months, without seeing it defended. CM Punk's 434-day WWE Championship reign was what WWE needed. The reign doesn't have to go over that long, but having a year-long reign could potentially do wonders for them.

Now on to the storylines part. Sanada held the X-Division Championship from March until July. In that time, we seen one important story from Sanada's reign. And that was his best of three series with Tigre Uno that concluded at Sacrifice in April. And that wasn't exactly newsworthy. WWE has struggled with this too, trying to find a story for certain midcard workers. The only "story" we see in TNA nowadays with the X-Division, is when the champion cashes in at Destination X. Lengthy title reigns and meaningful storylines can go a long way.

I've done a lot of research lately on TNA, especially on their X-Division. I want the X-Division to go back to the days when AJ Styles beat Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe in an incredible match at Unbreakable 2005. This division is one of the factors that made TNA different from the other promotions. TNA needs to make it matter again. It seems Austin Aries' reign won't last long as his sights are set on the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. So with that being said, hopefully the X-Division sees a "re-boot" after Destination X and a new champion is crowned.

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