How Reigns Holding The Gold Is A Good Or Bad Idea


Hello, this is my first post to WWENews and this is already way more than I could ever ask for. So, without further ado, let's begin.

The main talk over these past few weeks has been: Is Reigns ready? The truth is, no one is ever "ready", the opportunity just comes around from time to time. I know this may seem cliché, but if you see the opportunity, you have to take it. Especially in a business such as wrestling, because if you don't take advantage of an opportunity, or as they say in WWE, if you don't capitalize, it won't come around for a while after that, depending on your performance. Wins and losses don't really matter as much as opposed to how you win or lose a math. For example, in a match like the WWE WHC title match at Royal Rumble, the fans didn't mind the fact that Lesnar won and retained the title, they cared more about how the Superstars performed in the match. This time for Reigns is as good as any, and he deserves it, no matter what people say. He has been injured, so he hasn't gotten to prove himself while other competitors have, including names such as Rollins, Ambrose, Ziggler, and even Ryback.

Rollins has had his shot at the title several times, and should lay off and let someone else have the spotlight for a change, especially when he has a guaranteed championship win with his briefcase, if used and executed correctly. Rollins definitely proved himself at Royal Rumble, but he has other story lines as well. Ambrose, Ziggler, and Ryback are Faces, ultimately giving them more shots at the spotlight usually. This is a result of who the fans would prefer to see in a match.


So let's get back on the topic of Roman. I can easily see him competing for the belt, without a doubt, except that's not what I'm talking about. Reigns holding the gold can't hurt the business too bad, aside the fact that the fans may not want him as the champion. I easily see a triple threat at WrestleMania instead of a one on one match. That way, the fans still get what they're demanding, and WWE also gets what they want. As for the person that will emerge that match the victor and holder of the most iconic belt in WWE, I have no idea. I would say it's up to WWE to decide the victor, but as we've seen over the past few weeks or even months, the fans can get what they want if they try hard enough. Vince could either continue with the idea that Lesnar is the unstoppable beast, or have either Roman or Daniel defeat the beast incarnate.

The fans definitely don't want Reigns as champion right now, but never say never, as WWE could go with what they think is "best for business" and go with Reigns being the "one to defeat the one in twenty-one and one". However, WWE could succumb to the fan's demands another time, and let Bryan own the spotlight at WrestleMania yet again.

If you would like my opinion, I'd give Reigns a shot to hold the gold, and see what he can do as the reigning champion, just to see where it leads. It can't really hurt the story line, minus the part of #CancelWWENetwork, which is just childish in my viewpoint, especially since around eighty-ninety percent of people using that hashtag don't actually cancel their subscription to WWE Network, which by the way, if you didn't know, is available for the low low price of $9.99. I didn't mean to offend anyone by saying it's childish, it's your subscription and you have the power to do whatever you want with it, I'm just saying if you use the hashtag, please just actually cancel the WWE Network, don't just use or spam it just to intervene in a storyline. It's basically a repeat from last year with the fans.

They were so excited when Batista finally returned. Then, everyone was excited that Batista was in the Royal Rumble, except they knew he would most likely win. After he did win, the fans weren't satisfied with the chosen victor and they started "rioting". This exact same sequence happened with Reigns, when he came back from his injury the fans were hyped. Then, since the fans knew he was going to win, especially after the careless elimination of Daniel Bryan. They were upset and started revolting, and as a matter of fact, they still are as we speak. Just give Reigns a chance just to see how it plays out.

Thanks guys! Don't hesitate to leave any comments, such as how you think this storyline will unravel, or who you believe will emerge as the holder of the WWE WHC belt. Thanks and bye!

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