Reigns Over Ambrose, Or Ambrose Over Reigns?


Hello WNW people Mitch "BIG M" Adams here and I would like to welcome you to the first (and hopefully not the last) edition of (Drum roll please)….THE HOUSE OF "M".

Ok, I know a few people will read this article's headline and think it's just another piece trashing Roman Reigns, his main event push and his obvious status as WWE's new golden boy. Sorry, but this isn't what this articles about. I know people who read my comments on WNW think I'm a massive Reigns hater, but that's not the case.

My opinion on Reigns hasn't changed in 3 years. He's good but he was rushed into the main event and his booking does him NO favours. Simply put, WWE's higher-ups have no one to blame but themselves for the fact he isn't over. BUT I will say this, like it or not, and despite a considerable effort put in by both by WWE and Roman Reigns to get people with the program, a good chunk of the audience (Not just Smarks and Hardcore IWC Members) simply aren't buying it. I mean fans are so dead set against the idea they were cheering at the top of their lungs for Triple H, a heel, delivering a violent beating to Roman Reigns, a babyface, a few weeks ago on Raw. Triple H's face at the end of that segment seemed to scream, "Oh s**t, we're screwed". And quite frankly he may be right.

WWE's higher-ups are so desperate to spare Roman any more heat before Mania that they now seem to be keeping him off the road until just before Mania, as WWE are currently traveling through VERY IWC heavy towns. Yes, I know Roman Reigns had surgery, but it was a minor procedure to repair damage from a broken nose he suffered years ago. , He was probably cleared to work a week or so after the procedure.

So, in the meantime, they have set up a program to keep viewers tuned in and to sell a WWE Network exclusive show… "Roadblock" featuring a main event with the worker I truly believe could be the REAL future of WWE. A worker who would be so unbelievably easy to build up to a main event level. A worker who truly is the total package (sorry Lex Luger). A worker with epic ring skills, mic skills, and a gimmick WWE creative could do ANYTHING with (if anyone in WWE was creative anymore).

And that person is none other than... DEAN F*****G AMBROSE!

Please allow me to explain. When Stephanie McMahon first made the announcement that last month's FastLane PPV/Network special main event would be a Triple Threat Match between Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesner, the winner of said match facing HHH for the WWE World Title at WrestleMania, reactions were mixed at best. The first lot of criticism went something like this "If they want Roman and Ambrose out of the Title hunt why put them in an NO.1 Contender Match…THIS STORYLINE MAKES NO SENSE". Some criticised that criticism with this response "Brock Lesner's in there with Roman and Ambrose, its obviously meant as punishment for Dean and Roman…THE STORYLINE MAKES COMPLETE SENSE". But then came the second wave of criticism that inspired this article "Predictable as anything…Obviously, Roman is going to win and Brock will go on to feud with Bray Wyatt…But at least, Dean Ambrose is getting a main event match at a PPV/Network special". After thinking about this I came up with what I think is a wonderful idea if I do say so myself. Why not have Dean actually win the match and face HHH at WrestleMania? He's already over with the crowd, has everything it takes to be a huge star, and, in my opinion, was always the standout of The Shield.

Obviously, that did not come to pass and WWE's higher-ups went the with the obvious route. But whether you like Dean or not (HOW COULD YOU NOT?), he actually had (and STILL has) the greatest possible story here. I mean think about it, Triple H has basically ruined his life over the last two years, he took away a great friend in Seth Rollins, he watched Roman Reigns get beaten and then broken (which Vince and company bragged about breaking, not just about breaking Roman but Roman's family before him) and Triple H "took out" Roman Reigns on Raw a few weeks back, leaving him beaten and bloodied.

Dean has tried letting others take the Authority out, but now he doesn't have a choice. He MUST destroy the Authority. HE must beat Triple H. He MUST be WWE World Heavyweight Champion. That's a terrific story! The kind of story that would suck in even the most jaded members of the audience. We can all agree Reigns has been through the wringer in terms of fan response to him and being booked in a manner that only made the audience resent him more hasn't helped, and he doesn't deserve it. But the problem has always been that he keeps being given one opportunity after another, not because he's "earned them" or because he beat a lot of people to get these opportunities, but because he is quite clearly WWE's higher-ups' choice for The Next BabyFace Hero (AKA he is the next John Cena). But unfortunately, it's not what heroism looks like does it? It looks, quite frankly, more like Elitism and Nepotism. The Audience KNOWS IT and has been letting WWE know it on and off for the last 18 months. That's why Roman is struggling to get over. Fans can't suspend their disbelief and accept Roman Reigns because no one in WWE can write a convincing storyline that makes him look like a hero as opposed to the guy WWE's higher-ups have picked to be their new NO.1 star.

Do you want to know what really makes a hero in any narrative? It's very simple really…Sacrifice, and Ambrose knows nothing but sacrifice. I mean think about how many times has Ambrose allowed himself to play second banana to Reigns during Roman's continued quest to overcome The Authority? How many times has he been there for Reigns fighting the same enemy? And he's been fighting his own battles with nowhere near the same level of attention, which is a bloody shame considering the quality of his work. I mean there's a reason fans were cheering so hard for him when he was one of the final two participants in the Royal Rumble, and it's not just because they didn't want Triple H to win. There is also a reason why Dean Ambrose is Triple H's blow off program before WrestleMania. I'm sorry, but Dean's push is just a blow off program to get heat on The H Man and heat off Reigns. BELIEVE ME, I WISH IT WASN'T TRUE.

Look, I really don't have a problem with Roman Reigns, and I think it's pretty clear that WWE intends to push him to the moon regardless of what a good chunk of the audience thinks. Roman will most likely face Triple H for the Title at WrestleMania and win. And Roman Reigns will most likely be WWE's top babyface star for many years to come. And that's a fine plan…No, Really it is. But maybe. just maybe, Ambrose should be that guy.

What do you think WNW People?

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